15 Lazy People Problems Only An EXTREMELY Lazy Person Can Understand

By Sarmad Amer | 11 Dec, 2015

As a lazy person, life in Pakistan is thankfully a little easy because of the blessing of domestic help. But no one lets a lazy person off so easily. You hear you ami ke taanay for laying on the bed all day, you hear crap from your friends for ditching on plans because you couldn’t bring yourself to wear pants.

These are the struggles every lazy person in Pakistan will relate to:


1. The biggest struggle for a lazy person is making yourself get out of that warm, comfy, soft bed of yours

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2. Physical movement of any kind irritates you

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3. You can spend hours in the same position without feeling bored about it

because making your body go the extra mile by movement is too much of an effort.

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4. As a kid every lazy person preferred to read a book than go out in the heat to…uggh… move and *shudders* play

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5. Every lazy person seriously debates whether it is worth the effort to get up and drink water or just let someone rescue you seeing your dehydrated body

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6. Every lazy person regrets it as soon as they say yes to plans

because they realize it will be too much effort to wear clothes.

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7. A lazy person can never reach any place on time

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Since you’re too lazy to even move.


8. But you are always on time for nap time

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9. In fact, every lazy person just can’t wait to go to sleep

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10. Or just go to bed if it means you don’t have to do anything other than just lay there

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11. A lazy person can even say no to food if it is too much of an activity to get to it

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12. EVERY SINGLE lazy person will laugh at the mention of exercise

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because you know you would never put your body through that torture


13. But they’re also an expert at stretching

since you’ve spent countless hours reaching out for things from the position you are in, instead of getting up and getting it.

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14. You aren’t friends with people as much as you are friends with the internet

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And you love the world of online shopping and ordering food


15.  You wonder, since everyone is going to die what is the purpose of putting their body through the heavy burden of moving

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Cover image via: @kinzahashmi / Instagram

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