13 Genius Ways To Ditch Any Plan With Friends Successfully, At The Very Last Minute

By Iman Zia | 21 Mar, 2017

For those who just want to ditch any plan that’s made.


It’s been a lazy day, you’re cuddled up in bed with your laptop and an indescribable (and shameful) amount of half-open chocolate bars, biscuits and chips. You’ve decided it’s some time to just binge watch T.V. shows and incessantly scrolling through Twitter and Instagram.

You get a message on your phone – it’s your friend.

Kahan ho? Kya scene hai raat ka?

You’re not feeling it at all and death would be better at this point. So what do you do? How do you flake out without ruining lives?

Fear not, children. Here are some of the best ways to ditch a plan with a 100% success rate:


1. Put your phone on airplane mode and ignore any calls and messages

The time stamp has ruined lives. Don’t go online until the absolute last minute.

Via Tumblr


2. ‘Accidentally’ fall asleep.

It ain’t your fault.

Source: Tiger Aspect Productions


3. Hide at your mamu‘s home just in case your friends come knocking at your house

Because knowing the friends you have, they’ll just about hunt you down anywhere.

Via OneDia


4. Blame it on your mommy

Count on your mothers to take one for the team.

Source: Alumbra Entertainment


5. Or the bazaar ka ganda khaana

Your friends value their cars more than your life. Tell them there’s a high percentage you’ll throw up in their first love, and the plan will fizzle out itself.

Via Tenor


6. Tell them you’ve become really sad after watching a really, really sad movie so you don’t have the strength to do anything but curl up and cry

Tell them it reminds you of an unattainable crush or your ex or even bae. You want to wallow.

Via The Pakistani Girls Guide


7. You can even tell them all your clothes are at the dhobi and you can’t go out in your dirty pjs.

Saare dhone ke liye rakhe hain. 

Via Giphy


8. Assignments wala excuse always works.

Mujhse na ho paye ga.

Source: deenga.com


9. If they call, act like you’re drunk.

Too drunk to leave the comfort of your abode.

Via Tumblr


10. Or that you hurt your foot trying to exercise


Via Tumblr


11. Tell them your driver’s khala‘s dewar‘s sister died so he’s out and you can’t go without him

Via Tumblr


12. You can always pretend you’re typing for as long as you can and let them time for hanging out pass

That’ll freak them out. P.S: Works best on iMessage.

Via Tumblr


13. If nothing else works, just move out of your city, change your name, your hairstyle and never speak to your friends ever again

Source: Disney Television Animation


Now, go and ditch your friends. You’re welcome.


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