Shararti Things We All Used To Do (And Still Do) When Playing “Ludo”

By Haadia Paracha | 21 Mar, 2017

Every Pakistani kid ever in the history of time will bear witness to the national sport of Pakistan i.e. Ludo. The game of wits more often than one we derived pleasure out of, there’s nothing more entertaining, heartbreaking and quintessentially “Pakistani” than a hot cup of chaaye or kehwa after dinner and challenging your family, friends and cousins and neighbors and that phosiyon ki beti you’ve always wanted to win over with a game of Ludo.

Here are a few things we all used to do and still don’t mind indulging in whenever we play Ludo:

Fought over our favourite color of the “goti

Source: Umerr2000 Via: DeviantArt

Replaced lost gotis with buttons

And other ssubstitutes

Waited for the chakka while everybody else was near to the end of the game

Source: Khokla Studios Via: Youtube

Trying new tricks in order to get the six

Source: ASSIF3280 Via: Youtube

Apni goti pugnay daal dena

Source: Khokla Studios Via: Youtube

Jeopardized someone’s game by giving other players advice so they can kill them.

Source: Giphy

Aik baar goti chalnay ke baad game of play change kerna

Source: Amjad Ali Via: Youtube

While always reminding others “ab baari hogayi hai, ab change nai ker sakte”

Source: Giphy

Double decker laga ker subko tang kerna

Source: Deenga

Maatam when your double decker gets killed by someone else’s double goti monster

Source: Khokla Studios Via: Youtube

Dusron ki pugi hui gotiyaan game mein wapis daalna

Source: Deenga

Pugnay ke liye 1 ka intizaar kerna

Source: Deenga

Getting teen chakkay and contemplating the end of your ludo career.

Source: Deenga

Ludo palat dena after losing the game.

Source: Desi Vines Via: Youtube


Source: ZaidAliT


Source: Deenga

Starting over with a game of snakes and ladders behind the ludo board to overcome to stress

Source: Deenga


Cover Image Source: The Living Picture

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