How A Late Night Uber Ride in Pakistan Turned Into A Four Hour Near Death Experience

By Arslan Athar | 24 Jun, 2017

This Uber ride in Pakistan became a nightmare

Uber and other apps like it have taken over our lives and have made commuting so much more easier. From college students to the elderly, everyone is using the service just because it’s oh so convenient.

While the positives are plenty, there have been reports of rude drivers, rash driving and in extreme cases, drivers zooming away without giving back change to their customers.


However, Zahhra’s fiance’s Uber ride in Pakistan is pretty disturbing to say the least.

According to Zahhra, she claims her fiance (who rarely uses Uber) called an Uber at around 11 PM. A few minutes into the ride, an armed person, hiding in the back seat got up and put a gun to his head. They drove him to the other end of the highway, and then took all his money and his phone. They even threatened to shoot him and throw his body off the car if he tried to do anything.

She alleges that they kept him hostage till about 4 AM, and refused to give him even water. At 4, they threw him out of the car with no way of contacting anyone or getting help.


He had to walk for about 40 minutes, till he finally got a cab, finally reaching home.


You can read Zahhra’s entire post about her Uber ride in Pakistan here

Via: Facebook

This account is not only unsettling, but it’s incredibly scary. So many of us use the service, and yes, we blindly trust it with our security and lives. It’s a haunting thought to have this happen to someone you know.

Zahhra has since taken down her original post on Facebook saying that she doesn’t have the time ‘to reply to the idiots that were commented every two seconds’. She also said she does not feel the need to prove herself to the many people commenting on her post.

Zahhra spoke to MangoBaaz and said that the Uber helpline was hardly helpful, and that when they went to their office, they were told that such instances are not the responsibility of the company but rather the passenger. According to her, the only thing they were willing to help with was to give her the name and number of the driver, which they still haven’t given her.

We also tried to reach out to Uber concerning the incident, however we still haven’t received any reply or response to our emails to them. If/when we hear back, we’ll update the story.

In the meantime, stay safe and use such services with caution.


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