I Tried Kylie's Liquid Lipstick And This Is How It Really Feels Like

By Malaika Tahir | 14 Nov, 2016

As someone who’s¬†obsessed with lipsticks, I did the deed. After shrugging it off for awhile, telling myself it’s too expensive, I finally ordered one. ¬†It’s a beautiful shade of red called Mary Jo K, I ordered it online through Bling for Rs 2700.

Kylie initially only sold lip-kits (that included a lip liner) but now she sells individual liquid lipsticks too.

Source: kryzuy.com
Source: kryzuy.com

When this beauty arrived, I saw flowers blossom in the palms of my hand, my eyes turned shiny and it felt as if imaginary confetti was being showered over me.

This is how I’ve found it to be, so far:


Yes its formula is wayyy better than Colourpop’s

Source: Hello Teddy

Its true that the factories where Kylie Cosmetics and Colourpop are manufactured are sister companies. Colourpop however is worth only $6 whereas Kylie is a startling $17 (singles). That’s a huge difference but, having tried both, first-hand, I can say it’s not uncalled for. I’m a regular Colourpop user and I’m a huge fan too, but the truth is, Colourpop’s formula is super drying.

Kylie’s formula was smoother, less drying, not flaky at all even when lips aren’t exfoliated, a very neat and clean finish.


It is way more long-lasting than Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks as well as Colourpop

3:00 pm is when I applied it



5:26 pm after having bhindi gosht with roti and lots of water



8:22 pm after munching on popcorn for two hours in the cinema and sipping on coke



10:11 pm still going kinda strong…



It smells sickeningly sweet


Unless you dig that kinda smell, it’s actually major turn off. It’s too sweet and every time I uncap the bottle, I cringe.


It’s non-transferable, but only with non-wet and non-greasy things

But this will never happen with Kylie’s liquid lipstick….



It usually doesn’t come off the whole day, unless you eat a super greasy burger

In that case, reapplication is a pain because two coats of Kylie’s liquid lipstick is a huge mess.

Source: whatcarriethinks/blogspot.com
Source: whatcarriethinks/blogspot.com

It becomes flaky and drying if you reapply it. The trick is to use makeup wipes to wipe off the previous residue and then apply a fresh coat.

Even after washing my face with face-wash, it doesn’t wash unless I use cotton and makeup remover.


It almost costs us double the actual price to get it here in Pakistan

Source: mashable.com
Source: mashable.com

Her lip-kit is worth $29 which makes it around Rs 3000. But if you order it here online you’d have to pay at least Rs 1600 extra. AT LEAST. Pages are selling them for 5000 to 1000 and people are buying. I’d suggest you either ask someone you know who’s visiting from America to get them for you or join me in asking¬†Kylie to start delivering to Pakistan *cricket’s chirp*


It feels light on the lips especially compared to Colourpop. But Huda Beauty’s liquid lipsticks are way lighter.

Source: tumblr.com
Source: tumblr.com


Final word

It’s good. Better than Colourpop, at least. If you don’t mind the slightly (or drastically) high price tag, it’s actually pretty great. Otherwise you’ve got desi dupes to get in Pakistan, which you can find over here.

So girls, are you going to order now? If you have any suggestions to what I should review next, let us know in the comments.

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