Here's Every Kind Of Charsi You'll Ever Meet In Your Lifetime

By Lamees Wajahat | 15 Jan, 2017

Some people like to eat their greens liberally dressed with lemon juice and olive oil, some like it dried up and rolled into a joint. Call it weed or pot, the happy herb has found its way into the hearts of many, both young and old.

Check out some crazy stoners:


1. The Newbie

This is their first time. Their eyes become as big as dinner plates. Their excitement already gives them a high of some sort, until they take the first puff and almost suffocate. Keep a bottle of water handy for this one. Maybe some eye drops too…


2. The Expert

Via: Tumblr

The veteran has been doing this for some time. You were probably still coloring with crayons when they rolled their first joint. They know every kind of strain there is, and every form you can absorb THC in. You can ask them any question, and they will give you a solid answer once they have stepped out of their smoke chamber.


3. Aristotle


This person becomes extremely philosophical, or maybe just sounds it in that moment. Why are leaves green and why is the sky blue? Why did Pakistan divide from India? Is it Farhan Saeed or is he Farhan Cayeed now? They’re most inspired after a hit and probably produce their best work then.


4. The Bad Trip Boy


A bad trip is like being stuck on a bus to hell. With a detour through a nightmare and a pit-stop at your worst fear. It’s like Alice in Wonderland meets Final Destination. This person is either possessed or just not reacting well. Do not invite them into the circle.


5. The Kanjoos Person


Cheap. Does not like to share at all. They would probably charge you for each puff. You can leave them behind with the Bad Trip.


6. The Surprise


Oye hoye hoye. Aap bhi? The innocent kid you’d never expect to see with a blunt between their fingers. You probably wouldn’t even expect them to be at a shisha lounge. But here they are, blowing Os and giving you the shock of your life.


7. The Activist


The friend with a Bob Marley poster and marijuana leaf on their t-shirt. They’ve got every statistic memorized on marijuana related topics. They justify weed being okay because it’s “organic.” Sar dardh? Try smoking. Girlfriend gayi? One puff, man. Whatever it is, weed is the answer. Probably smokes at least thrice a day. Or hour.


8. The Giggler

Source: National Foods

Every damn thing is a joke to this one. It’s all hee hee and ha ha. They could hear a motorbike whizz by and it’ll be the funniest thing in the world. Document these moments for when you’re sober.


9. The Snapchatter

Source: Six Sigma Plus

The usual rule is: puff, puff, pass. But for them it becomes: puff, puff, snap. They’ll Snapchat themselves rolling, licking, lighting up and puffing. They’ll Snapchat themselves getting the munchies. They’ll Snapchat themselves listening to Drake. WE GET IT. YOU SMOKE.


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10. The Quiet One

Source: IRK Films

They simmer down and close into themselves. They do not respond or react. Shh…


11. The dancer

Source: Showcase Productions

They love to groove to the beat of the puffs. Give them some music, a nice cold night and some j’s. They’re set for life.


12. You

Source: IRK Films

You are the perfect mix of all kinds of things. You like to have a good time, you may sometimes feel like you’re getting a bad trip, you may even get a slight panic attack but then you realize it’s all fun so you relax and enjoy that buzz.


Have you met any of these? Maybe you know a different kind of charsi, let us know in the comments below.

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