Khawaja Asif Called Shireen Mazari A ‘Tractor' And Twitter Lost Its Shit

By Arslan Athar | 8 Jun, 2016

The minister for Defence Mr. Khawaja Asif shocked the National Assembly today when he called Shireen Mazari a ‘Tractor Trolley’. He also called her ‘Aunty’ and asked her to ‘fix her voice’. Tsk tsk Khawaja Sahab, koi sharam hoti hai, koi haya hoti hai?

The reaction online to this was spectacular.


This person went ballistic over Khawaja¬†sahab’s character


Roza scandals emerged


And *ahem* interesting comparisons were drawn


The past was brought up


This person decided to play the name calling game too


And people generally forgot all forms of decency by stooping to the level of the words they were criticizing


Much was said about Khawaja¬†sahab‘s position as a Minister of the Federal Government

This does make us wonder how many of these righteous men are the same ones shaming others for being “femi-nazis”?


This is what Shireen Mazari had to say on the matter

Source: Dunya News

Do you think Khawaja Asif crossed a line and needs to apologize for his words?

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