Khadijah Siddiqi Was Stabbed 23 Times And Is Now A Target For Mardana Ghairat Brigade

By Sajeer Shaikh | 15 Jul, 2017

For those who may not remember: Khadija Siddiqi, a law student from Lahore, was stabbed 23 times, more than a year ago. 

Khadija Siddiqi became a victim of this gruesome incident in broad daylight. She happened to be picking up her sister from school. While the incident itself was horrific, the legal system also made it worse by being unhelpful.

As news of the incident spread, pictures of the attacker were circulated

Moreover, many felt that our legal system needed to make an example of the incident

Eventually, Khadija’s case was pushed into court. However, the unfolding of the proceedings in court only highlighted why countless women are afraid to speak up.

Mohammad Jibran Nasir, who has constantly been championing for Khadija, took to Twitter to highlight the ‘cheap tactics’ that were used in court 

The blatant hypocrisy that exists within our society was highlighted

Khadija Siddiqi being questioned about her virginity in an attempt to murder case was also brought to light

However, no matter how humiliating it was, Khadija remained undeterred 

Moreover, she displayed immense strength and courage

And, at the end of it all, she remained resilient, despite every attempt to break her spirit 

In the following video, Khadija’s lawyer is seen talking about the entire ordeal

Everything that has happened to Khadija has been nothing short of traumatic.

To see her standing up to men going out of their way to break her in every way possible is remarkable. If there’s anything that this case has highlighted, it would be the reinforcement of why women don’t come forward more often. A young girl gets stabbed in broad daylight. She walks into court to seek justice, only to have her character ripped apart, bit by bit. And then we wonder why women stay silent. Are we not the ones failing our women?

Fortunately, Khadija has many well-wishers 

There are plenty of people who support her wholeheartedly

There are also people who are asking all the right questions

Some of the questions also highlight the ridiculousness of making a case for the attacker

 And people are calling out the justice system for – well – failing to exact justice

While it’s great that Khadija has support, what she needs is justice. Additionally, we, as a country, need justice.

Be it to scare every knife-wielding man who thinks he has the power to ruin a life or to give hope to any other unfortunate Khadija who may be too scared to speak up, justice needs to be served. Because if Khadija loses, we lose as a nation. If the justice system fails her, we fail her. Moreover, we fail any other girl who may be going through the exact same thing. And, simply put: that is a burden that none of us have the ability to shoulder.


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