This Girl In Lahore Was Stabbed 23 Times In Broad Daylight A Year Ago, She's Still Waiting For Justice

By Iman Zia | 18 May, 2017

Khadija, a law student from Lahore, was stabbed 23 times in broad daylight more than a year ago. She was picking up her younger sister from school when the attack occurred and her life changed. A year later, justice has not only been delayed, but, according to Khadija, it has been denied.


Apparently she now has to sit an exam for her degree in the same exam room as the guy she is accusing of attacking her

Moreover, Khadija says that the judicial process has been tedious and unhelpful and it is presumably because of the influence of the attacker’s father within Pakistani courts.


Khadija has appeared on TV shows to discuss how her case of being stabbed out of nowhere and the accused not being reprimanded is a lesson for other girls that they don’t have security in their own country

On the show she mentioned how she feared for other girls like herself who could become victims if her attacker is not put on trial.


Fellow students have started a petition to protect Khadija in fear of her safety and overnight, it’s gone viral. 2,547 people have signed it so far, and a total of 5,000 are required.



The petition was formed by fellow students of Khadija and in the petition they have named the accused, saying they feel threatened by his presence



Pakistanis are shocked at the incident, and rightly so


Incidents like these need to be resolved quicker not for the fact that we need to be “make an example” out of the accused but for the simple reason that security and safety in one’s own home country is everyone’s human right. If people start stabbing each other in broad daylight without any repercussion, for the fact that your parents are well-connected enough to allow you to go on stabbing people, that leads to the kind of lawlessness that we are riddled with today. Criminals get confident, respect for law and police ends and we become a barbaric society. Certainly we don’t want that, do we?


Cover image via The Nation

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