21 Totally Khuwaar Things That Always Happen When Planning A Get Together In A WhatsApp Group

By Hurmat Riaz | 14 Jul, 2017

A get together plan can be a chore itself

We all love our friends and we all love to hangout with them. But it gets a little (more like very tbh) tricky when all of your friends move away for education, job, shaadi or whatever reason. But the thing is, there comes a point where you all plan to get together and catch up. We’ve all been there.

Planning out a hangout on a WhatsApp group or any other social media group. Here’s the whole drama that unfolds while planning out the hangout:


1. A group is created and you get a notification that you’ve just been added to a particular group for a get together

This group is usually titled as ‘hangout’, ‘party people’, ‘get together’. etc. Yes yes, very basic.

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2. A bunch of old friends get added and hellos and salams start pouring in.

“Hi. Tum kaisi ho?

“Oh, it’s been long. Where have you been?”

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3. Everyone is asking each other where they are and how they are and what’s going on in their lives.

“Aur kya chal raha hai zindagi mein?”

This question has made you question your existence and want to strangle that person who asked this (okay fine, I’m exagerrating a little but still).

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4. Then the poor soul who created the group for the get together, asks this gut wrenching question, “Friends, milnay ka kya scene hai?

And you know this is where notifications start pouring in.

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5. Usually, this get together question is answered with, “Han yaar jab kaho. Mein tou ready hun. Jahan kaho. I miss you guys a lot!”

Everyone starts replying in the same fashion as if they were already dying to meet each other.

6. “Okay. Tou kab aur kahan?”

This question hits everyone like a bomb. Nobody knows how to respond to it because nobody knows the answer.

Via: Tumblr

7. Then one person suggests a weekend get together.

“Iss weekend ker letay hain.”

Everyone will agree except for one person.

Source: me

8. Then someone types in, “Okay then. Next weekend?”

Most replies pour in with a yes but there would still be that one person who’s ignoring the whole conversation right from the beginning. You start getting a feeling that they’ve put the conversation on mute but they still get mentioned and asked kay kya scene hai bhai?

Source: Walt Disney Pictures / UTV Motion Pictures

9. You’re dreading their reply because it’s obviously a get together cancelation

“Nahi yaar. Pata nahi. Mein nahi aoon ga. Tum meray beghair hee ker lou.”

Source: Hum TV Network

10. This answer makes everyone cry out loud *even those who were delaying the hangout itself throughout the conversation.

“Kya hua? Aa jao na. You’ll enjoy it.”

This melodramatic person just needs a little pushing and ‘gentle persuasion’ and they agree after a few messages.

Source: knowyourmeme.com

11. So after this episode of gentle persuasion, again the question is asked for the get together again?

Everyone opens up their calendar and realizes that the hangout cannot happen until the next month.

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12. Someone says, “acha phir kya kerna hai?”

There’s silence. No one replies.

Source: 20 Century Fox Television

13. The get together group remains silent for a day or two or maybe a week.

You can hear the wind blowing and the crickets chirping.

Source: captionedgif.com

14. Then suddenly a poor soul sends a picture from one of the old hangouts with the caption, “We should do this again.”

And says sadly, “Please guys meetup ka scene karo. I miss your faces. We have to do this again!”

You’re there like, “Oh God, not again. More drama.”

Source: Ali Rush Music

15. Then something happens which is the peak drama of the conversation.

Someone leaves the group. It’s funny and sad at the same time but mostly it’s funny.

Source: me

16. And everyone goes like what just happened?

Source: me

17. You get a private message from that person.

“Yaar this is too much stress. I cannot take this shit anymore.”

Source: Al Karam TVC / YouTube

18. You jump back into the conversation and ask everyone to calm themselves down and stop losing their shit.

That person is added back and everyone apologizes.

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19. Then one sane person gives a final verdict of the meetup.

This date. This place. Aa jana saray. Warna bhaar mein jao!

Source: A-Plus TV

20. This leaves everyone stupefied and they know they can’t do anything else.

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21. But then, this message pops in: “Yaar Ammi say pucha. Wo ijazat nahi day rahen.”

And everyone goes WTF! pehlay kyun nahi pucha tha?!? And the whole cycle starts again.

Kya zillat hai yeh!

Source: harpalgeo.tv

Have you experienced something similar of such sort? If yes then tag those friends of yours that have made you lose your shit while planning out a hangout.


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