18 Moments In Life That Will Make You Realize That You're Just Not Jawaan Anymore

By Hurmat Riaz | 14 Jul, 2017

It’s fun to be young. Haha. Yes, it is. But you’re not getting younger every day. Though the scientists are trying to control ageing but honey, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. That’s the bitter reality. And, as much as we all hate growing old, there comes a point in your twenties when you realize that you’re not that free-spirited, highly energized person anymore *unless you’re running on caffeine. Lol.*

Here are some of the times when you realized when you’re not that young person anymore:


1. You cannot pull an all-nighter anymore.

Source: 20th Century Fox Television

Be it watching something, reading something, or just work; you cannot stay up all night and live to tell the tale all next fresh day.


2. You cannot function without your morning chai or coffee.

Source: Adcom

Don’t even talk to me before my daily dose of morning caffeine.


3. You sleep early, around 10 or 11 pm.

Source: Eros Entertainment

‘Sleep is for the weak’ is so 2009.


4. If you don’t get your required sleep, you stay cranky all day.

Source: MangoBaaz

You walking around angrily, slapping people here and there.

5. You cannot binge eat like you used to.

Source: Saga Music

Warna paet kharab ho jaye ga.

6. You have to catch your breath after each flight of stairs. Cuz, old.

Via: Tumblr

So, you check for the elevator before entering a building.

7. You fall asleep while watching a movie or a TV show.

Source: Pixar / Walt Disney Pictures

It’s been a while since you watched a movie in one go.


8. You try working out but your body gets cramps and you just call it quits.

Source: Comedy Central

Mujhsay na ho paye ga! 


9. You avoid getting into useless arguments.


Source: Saga Music

Because you know that people are not going to understand, so you just keep on doing your thing.

*breath in, breath out*


10. Teenagers give you the creeps.

Source: Fox

What are kids even getting into these days?


11. You often find yourself saying, ‘Pata hai hmaray zamanay mein tou aisa nahi hota tha!’

Source; 20th Century Fox / Paramount Pictures

And you’re referring to a zamana that was like 4-5 years ago.


12. You struggle with every new social media app.

Source: harpalgeo.tv

You know you won’t be able to comprehend when something other than Snapchat comes out.

13. You easily bail out from plans to catch up on your sleep.

Source: Hum TV

“Are you coming?”
Pata nahi.


14. A kid calls you an auntie or uncle and you lose your shit over it.

Via: Tumblr

It’s a nightmare. For anyone who encounters it.


15. You think twice before deciding to go out or spend some time out late.

Source: Ali Rush Music

You list down pros and cons of going out or staying in and eventually staying in wins.


16. Meeting your friends becomes a problem because everyone is too busy.

Source: Showcase Productions

Kisi ki shadi ho gae, kisi kay bachay ho gaye, koi nokri mein masroof.. bus yehi zindagi hai.


17. When you’re out with people, all you think about is going home and staying in bed bed.

Via: Tumblr

Because this is THE LIFE.


18. You cannot make spontaneous plans because you’ve got responsibilities now.

Source: Saga Music

You need to be notified at least two weeks before planning anything.

When was the time you realized that you’re not young anymore? Tell us in the comments section below.


Cover image via: ZoeViccajiVevo / YouTube

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