Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Just Promised The Khaatma Of Bijli By 2018 And We're Seriously Worried

By Sarah Babar | 15 May, 2017

We all have had our ears glued to our television sets any time there’s a political khitaab by some politician. Especially if it’s someone in a position of power. So naturally, every time Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is on TV, I sit right in front of it, waiting to hear some groundbreaking news about the country and bijli. Mr. Sharif is usually pretty animated during his addresses to the nation. He is also a man of many talents.

Prime Minister Sharif has always made some very iconic statements



Whether it is having fun with his little brother



Or just make fun of him lolol


Mr. Prime Minister is also not afraid to bare it all in front of the aam awaam

Source: MangoBaaz


Because he’s the Prime Minister, yaar 

But as Prime Minister, we expect him to look out for our best interests…and not potentially make things worse.



In a recent khitaab to the public, Prime Minister Sharif said something rather worrisome


He said ‘2018 mein bijli humesha ke liye khatam ho jaye gi’. 


Now I don’t know about you but I like bijli. 


Bijli helps us work, sleep, eat, and basically exist.


Listen to it again


Yeppp that’s EXACTLY what he said

Now, is this a Freudian slip or a mistake…I don’t know..but the way things are going, right now? It actually seems like reality. While the father-daughter duo always seems to be talking about bijli in one way or the other. It’s usually the other way around: that they’re working towards reducing loadshedding, not reducing bijli in itself.


Loadshedding has been such a long outstanding problem in Pakistan, that’s it’s become the norm

People have given in/given up, and now they’ve started planning their lives around the loadshedding schedule. Shaadi per jana hai? 8.15 light jaye gi tau I’ll start getting ready around 7, and then be ready by 8 and leave. We were promised the elimination of loadshedding in 2014, 2015, 2016, and subsequently 2017. And now, Nawaz Sharif has promised that there will be no bijli by 2018.


So one last time, here you go


Oh lawd, save us!


Cover image via Indian Express

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