Fans Are Fighting Over What End Mir Hadi Deserves In “Khaani's” Last Episode

By Iman Zia | 2 Jul, 2018

‘Khaani’ is about to wrap up tonight, and despite initial assumptions about the storyline having held a wary and unrealistic way out, the drama has at most unfolded impressively well as a beacon igniting corruption and injustice in our legal system. However, with an unpredictable number of endings looming overhead, it’s divided many viewers who disagree over how the drama should end. There are two brimming schools of thought; those of the realists who want Mir Hadi hanged, and those of the utopians, who cannot separate their love for Feroze Khan the actor from the antagonist that he plays – Mir Hadi, thereby longing for him to have a happy ending.


Their love for Feroze Khan trickles into their confounded fascination for Mir Hadi, which is unfortunate because if they truly want the drama to flourish long after it ends, then they must accept a doomed fate, and a not-so-happy ending for ‘Khaani.’  A happy ending cannot entail anything good for the drama, and fans recognize it; “how can we expect a happy ending? How can she spend the rest of her life with the killer of her own brother whom she spent her childhood with?”

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If the drama would want to earn respect and recognition for staying true to anything real, then ‘Khaani’ should end on a dull note tonight – and fans of the show agree, “”normal si baat hai, no sister would ever forgive the murder of her brother, it won’t make sense at all if they’ll have a happy ending. Everyone’s like Mir Hadi ACTUALLY KILLED SOMEONE TOU USKO SAZAA MILNI CHAYE HAI.”


If it ends up bringing together Khaani and Mir Hadi, then all veneration the show gathered during its run would have been instantly obliterated into an abyss for its unfortunate dizzying downfall from reality to a self-evasive fantasy; “it’s not at all important to have happy endings ALL the time. People learn a lot from these dramas and it influences our viewers a lot. he should be punished. Loving someone badly won’t compensate for the fact that he killed an innocent person” says a fan.

However, there are many who are disappointed by the show, and aren’t really expecting a revelation of the sorts when the final episode airs; “Khaani maaf kar degi, agar mein hoti tou kabhi na maaf karti…” Many also stand firm on a consensus that “this show has made a murderer look like a bechara.” 

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The show, if it ends on a high note, will definitely be perpetuating a murderer, romanticising him and ultimately labeling the drama ‘Khaani’ as unpragmatic and quixotic. Nonetheless, a few fans don’t think Mir Hadi deserves to be hanged – instead, justice should prevail for someone who wants to seek redemption and is a changed man – “I totally feel bad for him and want a happy ending…he realizes his mistake.” A few want Khaani to forgive him, with many wishing him a life sentence in jail as more than a righteous punishment.


Even die-hard fans of Feroze Khan have come to accept that a death sentence is an ultimate punishment for Mir Hadi. While some “want him to be forgiven” they understand that “this is not the message that should be portrayed in society” and that “he should be given a death sentence, or [at least] a lifetime in jail.”

“…Most people are favoring a criminal because they’re in love with Feroze Khan”

This is an unfortunate norm with many watching the drama, many who cannot separate their love for the actor and his menacing character. A villain with such profound political links and high stature should be given the penalty he warrants – if he’s let go then it’s a projection of the failure of our society, and if he’s hung then it glimmers a sliver of hope that not all is lost in this country. Mir Hadi is the symbol of exploitation and fraud in Pakistan – and now that he’s been proven guilty of a heinous crime (very few of his status, in reality, are proven guilty), then he cannot be a free man.

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Worst case scenario, if he’s released, then he should live a life free of Khaani – the guilt of him killing her brother should drown him entirely. A fan correctly states, “I think Mir Hadi should be forgiven, but he shouldn’t be with Khaani. I just feel that he is feeling guilty of what he has done so he shouldn’t get the punishment of death…but I also disagree that he should be with Khaani, as at least that could be a punishment for him.”  Khaani might not love Mir Hadi the way he does, however, his displays of obvious remorse might form as a premise for a second chance. Let’s hope that isn’t the case though…”I would like to ask anyone who’s up for saving him if they can just put themselves in her place would they want him to be forgiven and have a happy ending with you or would you want to get justice for your brother?”


If he’s hung, then we will be given leverage to remember Mir Hadi as an antagonist who sought redemption, albeit with an unfortunate ending – because then there’s a sense of realism present in this bitter injustice.  What do you think? Should Mir Hadi be hung tonight?


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