Katrina Kaif Gave Salman Khan A Shut Up Call After He Shaded Priyanka Chopra For The Millionth Time

By Arslan Athar | 29 May, 2019

Bharat’ was meant to be Priyanka Chopra’s big comeback into Indian cinema, but then the actor dropped out of the film suddenly. This happened around the same time she got engaged to Nick Jonas.

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Salman Khan has been vocal about his feelings about Priyanka leaving, but recently, as the film draws close, he’s saying a lot about it, and it just isn’t right. 

In recent interviews, Salman Khan has really been going all out in his hate mission against Priyanka Chopra. He’s called Priyanka’s exit from the film ’embarrassing’. In some interviews, he talks about how he told Priyanka to go ahead and get married, and that they’d adjust the shooting days, in other ones he’s extremely sarcastic about the whole incident. For example, “Priyanka didn’t give us enough time to prepare. Sweet of her to tell us five days before we start shooting for Bharat that she can’t do the film. It was in the ‘nick’ of time’.

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Other than Priyanka Chopra, Salman Khan has been making some very sexist remarks. There was his comment about wanting children, ‘but not wanting their mother’. On another incident, he suggested that Katrina should ‘settle down’, get married and have children.

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In their most recent interview together, Katrina Kaif finally spoke up and came to Priyanka’s defense. 

Katrina was answering a question about her character and mentioned how she wasn’t a part of the film initially, without naming or shaming Priyanka. Salman Khan took it upon himself to bring her up, and Katrina immediately responded by telling Salman to relax. Constantly, throughout this minute-long clip, you can see Katrina to divert the topic away from Priyanka. Despite her efforts, Salman’s onslaught continues. Probably his most problematic statement was, ‘Women leave their husbands for such a role, but she left the role and got married. Good for her, I am happy’.


People just can’t seem to stand Salman and his nonsensical statements.


Salman just couldn’t let Katrina speak. 



It’s clear that his ego was hurt by Priyanka’s decision and he’s manifesting now by shaming her on a daily basis. 



He was called a ‘cry baby’. 


That being said, despite this video making the rounds on social media, people are still calling on Katrina to speak out against Salman Khan and his overt sexism. She is a big name in Bollywood and holds a lot of power in the industry.

Salman Khan calling Priyanka’s decision an embarrassment is exactly why people calling him butt-hurt. Why is he talking her decision so personally? The fact that Salman is STILL talking about Priyanka, that too in this way, shows just how hurt his ego really is.

What do you think of all this? Let us know in the comments 🙂

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