Kashmala Tariq Just Shared Her Thoughts On Good Morning Texts And People Can't Stop Trolling Her For It

By Noor | 20 Mar, 2019

And here come the trolls.

So, we all know who Kashmala Tariq is, right?

Source: Geo.tv

She’s a former parliamentarian and is now serving as the Federal Ombudsperson for protection against Harassment of Women at workplaces. Recently, a statement by her caught the attention of many on social media.

While addressing the audience in Rawalpindi, Kashmala Tariq asserted that sending good morning texts to women is also harassment

She added to her statement by saying that constantly asking someone out for tea is also harassment and also said that sexual assault cannot be categorized as the ‘only’ form of harassment because other types of harassment vary.

While Kashmala re-defined harassment for the audience, people couldn’t really get over the good-morning texts wala part, LOL

Lol @ the mask emoji.

Later, Kashmala responded to the trolls by clarifying that she was referring to ‘unwanted good morning texts’

She further said that media should not highlight one line which is being taken out of context.

And while that is a true statement to make, harassment is a very serious matter and she rightly pointed out that harassment has many forms.

Kashmala has openly addressed the issue and has also encouraged women to stand up for themselves by lodging complaints online at harassment centres. She also instructed men to give space to women to ensure that both the genders can mutually work to attain progress. The official said that the institution is not just limited to the complaints by women and the men can also bring their complaints regarding harassment.

Unfortunately, these trolls on Twitter wrongly emphasized on the ‘morning texts’ which kind of distorted the message being conveyed. Harassment SHOULD be taken seriously and it needs to be addressed to safeguard the rights of women and to ensure that they don’t compromise on their dreams because of any such issues.

What’s your stance regarding the issue? Let us know everything in the comments below.

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