Zartaj Gul, Our Climate Change Minister, Just Said Imran Khan Was Responsible For The Good Weather And RIP Common Sense

By Rameeza Ahmad | 20 Mar, 2019

The Minister for Climate Change crediting Imran Khan for pleasant weather is concerning… 

The current government is big on climate change.

This was made evident by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s governance of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province where they decided to plant a billion trees.

Source: Dawn

And when Prime Minister Imran Khan made his first speech after being elected, he made sure to refer to climate change in his speech, which was a positive sign towards the government’s commitment to the issue of climate change.

Thus, all eyes have been on the Ministry of Climate Change which was formed in 2017. The Minister of State responsible for Climate Change is Zartaj Gul who happens to be one of the few women to be elected into the National Assembly.

Source: DNA News Agency

Now, the appointment of Zartaj Gul as the Minister for Climate Change honestly doesn’t make much sense considering she has a degree in textile designing from NCA.

But then again, it is rare for Ministers to be well versed in the subject of the Ministry they have been appointed to. And this is why Zartaj Gul’s latest statement isn’t exactly surprising.

In a recent speech, she credited the unprecedented pleasant weather that Pakistan has seen recently in terms of rain and snow, to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

…She literally said that the WEATHER was thanks to Imran Khan. Now, we are all for a powerful government but…the weather?

Even if Zartaj Gul meant this statement as a joke, people were incredibly unforgiving towards the Minister.

Very unforgiving.

People were even questioning whether Imran Khan was an X-Men with powers to control the weather.

Which honestly would be SO cool. (Pun intended.)

I genuinely hope, Zartaj Gul made the statement as a joke and didn’t mean it. Because if she did, I think the Minister for Climate Change really needs a sit-down lecture on how climate actually works considering she handles the ministry for it.

What do you think of the Minister’s statement on climate in Pakistan? Let us know in the comments below!

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