Karachi Was In A Strange Panic Last Night And Here’s Everything We Know About It All

By Biya Haq | 28 Feb, 2019

This is crazy.

Though at this point we thought would be otherwise, tensions between India and Pakistan remain quite high.

Source: Tumblr

Even after offering the idea of a peace talk to Modi, again, what seems like a pre-war dance between both countries has been rattling both Pakistanis and Indians all over the world. With two planes shot down, and an Indian Air Force pilot taken under custody by Pakistani forces, things do not seem to be getting better.

And the alarming situation in Karachi last night just makes it all even more concerning.

Allegedly, the Malir Cantt area in Karachi was put on high alert last night, as it was said that Indian Naval forces were moving in through the water.

And as you can imagine, it sent everyone into a panic on social media.

Supposedly, reports of Indian Naval Forces entering Pakistan through Karachi were received and upon this news, the government put the area of Malir Cantt on high alert.

This meant staging a blackout, testing out the areas sirens and even putting the staff of certain hospitals on standby.

And though there have been no official statements with regards to the presence of Indian naval forces in our midst, locals in the area were tweeting about the situation all night.

However, some said they didn’t hear or experience any kind of blackout in the area,

And others condemned the spreading of ‘fake news.’

Luckily, things seem to be okay for now but if these surprise ambushes continue, who knows what Imran could see fit to do.

Since then, reports of blackouts in both Sialkot and Peshawar have been coming into light as well.

More likely than not, all of these training exercises must be in preparation for any kind of potential danger that can occur however it does not mean that something did happen between India and Pakistan last night and it also does not mean that something will happen.

The sentiment of #SayNoToWar in Pakistan has been quite vocal and hopefully, our pleas for peace on both sides of the border will be enough for the mind games and psychological warfare to stop.

Did you hear about the unrest in Karachi? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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