Karachi Being Declared The Second Largest Consumer Of Marijuana Has Left Pakistanis Absolutely Shocked

By Ather Ahmed | 3 Feb, 2018

Over the years Karachi has become famous – or should I say notorious – for a lot of things.

Just last year a report published on The Economist declared Karachi one of the least safe citiesĀ in the world.


Although things have changed for the better in the last decade or so, the city of lights is still somewhat synonymous with crime and violence. Now, it appears that Karachi has outdone other cities in one more respect.

Apparently, it’s the stoner capital of not just Pakistan, but the entire world.

Source: www.qz.com

According to a study conducted by an Israel-based company, Seedo, Karachi ranks second on the list of the largest consumers of marijuana.

Fun fact:Ā Seedo manufactures devices that allow you to grow marijuana at home.

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It’s anĀ interesting development, given that cannabis consumption in any form is illegal in Pakistan.

Guess we can take solace in the fact that we aren’t numberĀ one (thank you, New York.) Besides, ourĀ dear neighbor isn’t much behind. New Delhi’s at number three while Mumbai’s at number six.

In Pakistan, Hashish is the primary cannabinoid consumed.

Source: www.nationalgepgraphic.com

According to an article published in Dawn last year, Pakistan houses around eight million drug addicts. This includes hashish users, alongside people involved in the usage of other substances, such as heroin.

Drug usage amongst university students has reportedly increased at a rate swift enough to catch the attention of lawmakers. The Sindh government even proposed to start blood screening of students to trace these substances.

ā€œThe government would bear expenses of the students receiving education in the public sector while educational institutions in the private sector would be instructed to start a policy of blood screening for each and every student at least once in a year” the Director GeneralĀ Ā Anti-Narcotic Force (ANF) Major General Musarrat Nawaz Malik told Geo News.

While this takes into account all banned recreational substance and not just hash, usually cannabis is the gateway drug for many. According to a UN report from 2013,Ā 76 percent of regular opiate users reported cannabis as the first drug they ever used.

Now, as this ranking was released, people had a lot to say about it.Ā Some were (hopefully) being sarcastic.

Others were concerned.

However, some had their priorities elsewhere.

Additionally, some just couldn’t believe the news.

And some were alarmed.

What do you guys think? Is this actually true or aĀ yahoodi saazish?Ā Let us know in the comment section below.

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