17 Absolutely Valid Reasons Why Girls in Karachi Are Single

By Sajeer Shaikh | 25 Nov, 2015

Karachi girls are headstrong, independent and definitely not one to shy off from saying what they want to say but a huge number of these girls in Karachi are single. And the reason behind this are the guys. There is a wide diversity of guys in Karachi. Often, the characteristics of these groups of guys may overlap. If you’re from Karachi, you’ll probably be familiar with these types of guys:


1. The Burger

Karachi’s trademark breed. You can distinguish him from the rest by his American accent, even if he has only spent three months abroad. Other distinguishing features would be the iPhones (latest hona chahiye) and his Vigo swag that he drives around the city in.

Young Stunners
Young Stunners


2. The Maila

To serve as a perfect balance to the burgers, this type of guy can be identified by his aromatic, teiled-up parted hair and Yamaha swag. If he’s feeling up to it, he might even catcall random girls as they pass by. It’s his retarded way of showing appreciation.



3. The Wannabe Singer

This type of guy will start singing every opportunity he finds. He uploads videos about himself on Facebook and inbox them to you, asking you to give feedback and share his talent. He was probably told, during his childhood, that he has a cute voice. He tends to forget that the compliment was meant for when his voice hadn’t cracked, yet.

Tumblr/Taher Shah
Source: Tumblr/Taher Shah


4. The Narcissist

He’s in love with himself. This guy could talk about himself all day and not get tired. It’s kind of cute, up till the point when you realize that he is legitimately serious. That’s when he gets unbearably annoying.

Source: Tumblr


5. The Amreeki

Not to be confused with the burger, this type of guy has it all wrong. His American accent will be based on the movies he has watched and his original accent will reveal itself whenever he is provoked. #borrowedswag

Source: Tumblr


6. The Pessimist

Okay, so he has had a tough life and you feel for him at times. He may even joke about flinging himself into the sea and you’ve all had a good laugh about it. However, it all tends to go a wee bit overboard, sometimes.

Source: Tumblr


7. The Guy Who Falls Way Too Fast

You’ve known him for a week. Chances are he’s already professed his love six times. Plus he gets emotional every time you mention another guy. He’s probably already planned your future child’s wedding as well. He’s usually a bit more conservative than the other kinds of guys and he’s itching to tell his mother that he’s bringing home a bahu.

Source: Buzzfeed


8. The Relationship Skeptic

He’s single and he doesn’t believe in being tied down. He wants to ‘live his life to the fullest.’ In other words, he wants to get in as much action as he can before he gets rishta-ed to his phupo‘s daughter.

Source: Sajeer


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9. The Flirt Machine

Much like the skeptic, this guy doesn’t believe in being tied down either, mostly because he flirts with anything that moves or has a pulse.



10. The Sensitive Guy

He takes offense easily and tends to get emotional at random trigger words. Be it an India-Pakistan match, a random football game or K-Electric’s constant bijli issues, you sort of have to tip-toe around this guy.



11. The Debater

Debaters are everywhere now. It’s like there’s been a sudden influx. These may not include the MUN kind, though some of them would fit into this category. This type of guy is basically up for a verbal match, whenever he gets the chance. Most of his anger is projected through his statistically-aided words, on Facebook or otherwise. He pretty much wants to be right all the time.

Source: Tumblr


12. The dAsh!nG d3ViL

He exists behind a random display picture which is either an extremely shady selfie or a random quote about life. This guy’s existence is limited to the ‘other’ section in your inbox.

Abid Cutes
Source: Abid Cutes


13. The Racer

Every Sunday, this guy will make his way to Clifton Beach or Devil’s Point on his noisy bike or that pimped out car. It’s pretty much a tradition that he values more than his life as is evident by the ridiculous velocity with which he drives.

Pak Wheels
Source: Pak Wheels


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14. The Shameless Stalker

They’re everywhere. Whether you go to Saddar, Seaview or Dolmen, you will find a guy like this over there, patiently waiting for you to approach so that he can either perv on you or pass a smart-ass comment.

Source: Tumblr


15. The Best Friend

This guy is pretty much perfect. He’s funny, smart and always there for you. Some may argue that he’s been friend-zoned, but you guys are pretty clear on your equation and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Source: Tumblr


16. The Hot AF Model

You’ve probably seen this guy hangout at Nueplex or Dolmen every Sunday. You don’t know his name or anything else about him, for that matter. Anything you might know is through extensive stalking via mutual friends. As shallow as it seems, this guy is basically on your #lustlist.

Source: Tumblr


17. You

Via: Tumblr

You’re understandably a bit picky and maybe confused at times when it comes to deciding, or you’re taking your time. Makes sense. Living in the largest city of Pakistan teaches you a lot about life, boys and love. You know that you’re holding out and everything hasn’t gone downhill (yet,) as far as your love life is concerned. Chances are, you’ve probably noticed or met a few of these guys and they’ve persuaded you to stay single. If you haven’t noticed these guys yet, brush up on your observation skills the next time you leave the confines of your home. You’ll probably end up finding a bunch of sub-divisions as well.



Cover image via: Amir Lodhi Photography

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