Kangana Ranaut's Sister Is Attacking Alia Bhatt And Her Family And This Is Getting Seriously Petty

By Arslan Athar | 17 Apr, 2019

Kangana Ranaut has gone totally crazy since the Pulwama Attack. She’s full time anti-Pakistan as well as anti- anyone who isn’t as pro-India as she is. From the get-go she’s been attacking Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor for not hating Pakistan, and this quickly escalated to just a lot of statements being made from Kangana. Interestingly enough, Alia Bhatt very rarely responds, and even when she does, it’s pretty dignified.


With the Indian Elections coming up, celebrities are making their presence known and encouraging people to vote in this year’s general elections. 

Alia Bhatt was one such star, who openly tweeted in support of a campaign called ‘#VoteOutHate’. Her mother, Soni Razdan, also tweeted for the #VoteOutHate campaign.  The controversy around this is two-fold; firstly, Alia is a British citizen and therefore cannot vote in the Indian Elections, secondly, pro-BJP elements see this campaign as anti-Modi and are calling out Alia for supporting it.


Alia Bhatt and Soni Razdan’s tweets angered Kangana Ranaut’s sister, and well, phadda ab khandaano tak pohanch gaya hai. 


In response to Rangoli Chandel’s tirade of tweets, Soni Razdan tweeted out by saying that Mahesh Bhatt gave Kangana her big break in ‘Woh Lamhe’. This particular tweet has been taken by Soni now, however, this one remains.


Rangoli did not like that. 


And went on to accuse Mahesh Bhatt of throwing a chappal at Kangana. 



Soni Razdan or Alia Bhatt have not yet responded to Rangoli Chandel, however, Soni is tackling the controversy surrounding her citizenship. 


Some Twitter users were convinced that Kangana took over her sister’s account to stick it to the Bhatt family. 


And you better bet that Rangoli responded to that! 



At this point, it has been over 2 months of Kangana Ranaut spewing hate, at not only Pakistan but her fellow actors too. It’s just getting super petty now, especially now with her sister joining the ‘fight’ and going out of the way to target a particular family. When such things happen on the internet, my mind only goes to the expose by an Indian publication about paid political affiliations in Bollywood- you can only wonder where all this fervor is coming from, that too with such force and vigor.

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 Cover Photo Courtesy: indiatoday.in and @aliabhatt / Instagram


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