These 15 Amazing Things About The Winter Season Will Instantly Make You Want To Curl Up In Your Razai

By Maryam Cheema | 31 Jan, 2016

As the mercury drops low and outdoor activities are almost restricted to a zero, there are just a few lazy things that you get to indulge in. And that’s exactly what winter is all about! Sure there are shaadis to attend and gastronomic delights to overdose on but the laziness that winter season brings is unmatched.

So here are a few lazy winter things that bring out the couch potato in you:



This plate of peanut shells

Source: @sameenmohsin / Instagram

Picture a warm bed, family around you watching the latest TV drama and a bag of peanuts… this just makes a perfect household scenario for a cozy winter evening.


This street after a spell of winter rain

Source: @pakistaniphotos / Instagram


This guy shivering in Murree’s snowfall

Source: @demarioali / Instagram

Just looking at this makes you want to put on a second razai, doesn’t it?


These juicy slices of oranges

Source: @asadsadain / Instagram

Winters and oranges are just the match made in heaven. A cozy chair, kinoo ka tokra and some place sunny, that’s all you need.


This cat that is looking cozy AF

Source: @megansense / Instagram

Aren’t you jealous of that warm sweater on this beautiful creature?


This fish being fried to crispy perfection

Source: @navzuberi / Instagram

Winter season means seafood season. Everyone runs for the nearest machli wala and indulges in the winter delights of crispy, spicy fried fish with all the besan and the chatni whose origins, the less discussed the better.


Kashaf and Zaroon lovingly sharing a cup of garma garam chai


Source: Hum Network Limited


This cozy looking bed that’s inviting you

Source: @ilovesunshine1977 / Instagram

It looks so tempting.


This fire that is soothing your eyes and warming up your soul

Via: Tumblr

What else could be better than a bonfire, your squad and good food to while away a lazy winter night?


This guy’s desi hack to conserve his energy

Source: @aahmed_7 / Instagram

Here’s to being lazy asses all winter long.


This sizzling barbecue

Source: @gastronormalactivity / Instagram


This heater situation

Source: @_n.t.lee_ / Instagram


This combo of dhoodh jalebi

Via: Tumblr

Winters without doodh-jalebi are not really winters. It’s the perfect winter must-have.


This view of a street in Lahore

Source: @1outof_7.3billion / Instagram


And this much needed dhoop

Source: @lalahsan / Instagram

Basking in the winter sun is one of the most heavenly feelings. A perfect detox for all the physical and emotional stress.


Just because winters make you all lazy to get up and get ready for a hangout, you have a perfect excuse to curl up in a warm blanket with huge cup of coffee and a good show to binge-watch. Sorry world.


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