17 Things That Make The Perfect Pair With Your Chai

By Sarmad Amer | 31 Jan, 2016

Pakistanis are obsessed with chai. That’s for sure. If you’re a hardcore desi you can’t go without at least three cups of this creamy, frothy, bubbling hot liquid perfection. It runs in every Pakistani’s veins. And when you’re consuming your chai sometimes you like to pair it with stuff like biscuits or samosas, cake or naan.

Well, here are the top 17 things that will serve as the perfect accompaniment to your cuppa’:


1. Cookies

Or biscuits, for you fancy ones. Be it a plate of fresh out of the over chocolate chip cookies, a half roll of the peanut variety or just a simple ol’ Marie biscuit. A cookie is to chai what Afridi is to Pakistani cricket, everyone loves the pair.

chai-975685_960_720Source: Kierstin Elliott


2. Gajar ka Halva

Or any halva for that matter, to be fair, but since it’s the winter season and what better than a steaming bowl of red halva with a sprinkling of nuts and a cup of chai.

chai-975685_960_720Source: Rajat Mogra


3. Paratha

The early morning combo. Rip off a piece of the crispy paratha, roll it up, dip it in your chai and deposit in your awaiting mouth for a delicious start to your day.

chai-975685_960_720Source: Mansoor Elahi


4. Cake rusks

It’s not a cake, it’s not a rusk. It’s the desi hybrid of all the chai companions a gora can think of but it sure does taste outstanding with a hot cup of tea in the cold Islamabadi evenings.

chai-975685_960_720Source: Amit Chakravrty


5. Sheermaal

Pakistan makes the best carb-y things and this version of bread is yet another chai accompaniment you’ve got to try.

chai-975685_960_720Source: ÂMØÖRÃ


6. Naan khatai

The Pakistani cookie. And khatai ho toh sirf Khalifa ki.

chai-975685_960_720Source: Ryan Scott


7. Pakoray

No wonder every time it rains you crave these fried goodies with your tea because they’re perfect!

chai-975685_960_720Source: Amo$


8. Samosa

Fill it with aalooqeema or even a sweet filling this crunchy triangle just goes perfect with your evening tea.

chai-975685_960_720Source: aameemanu


9. Baaqar khani

Ever tried one? You know what it feels like…

Source: Marygold Bread


10. Cake

Passed on to us by the colonial masters but still a hot favorite, cakes are much loved throughout the country because they’re such a versatile companion. Dressed up or down, for birthdays or just a simple tea, they look good and taste heavenly.

chai-975685_960_720Source: Table for five dubai


11. Chicken Patties

Call them patties, puff pastries, wellingtons, pies or whatever else you like to call them this flaky, buttery gorgeousness is one of the perfect companions to a cuppa’.

chai-975685_960_720Source: jaa_sweetie


12. Shaami kebab

This pairing will take you back to your childhood when every time an “auntie” was visiting your mom would have these fried up with a pot of tea for the guests. And as Pakistanis we sure do love our kebabs.

chai-975685_960_720Source: Zaiqa Tv


13. Namak paaray

Or shakar paray, if you’re still not done with your sugar overdose after all the cakes and khatais.

chai-975685_960_720Source: Ⓡⓔⓔⓝⓐⓗ رينه


14. French fries

Particularly the ones you get from those road side shops with that shady sauce that is suspiciously red yet oh-so-yummy.

Source: I A via: Pinterest


At times the companions to your chai don’t even have to be things you eat. Like…


15. A nice, cozy book

A good read really does go very well with a mug of steaming hot chai.

chai-975685_960_720Source: Lucy


16. Your family and friends

Sitting by the fire, since gas heaters don’t work (#ThankyouRaheelSharif anyone?) and the happy chatter of your loved ones goes perfectly with chai ki chuskiyaan.

chai-975685_960_720Source: itsatravelthing


17. And sometimes you don’t need anything but your thoughts, silence and a steaming mug of chai

chai-975685_960_720Source: Amy Parker


What do you like with your chai?


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