Top 13 Excuses You've Used At Least Once In Your Life

By Sarmad Amer | 30 Jan, 2016

Pakistanis are notorious for the excuses you all give. Sure everyone else does it too but Pakistani folks are particularly creative with their excuses when you don’t want to do something.


Here’s a compilation of some of the most commonly used ones. Maybe you can use it for your friends when you’re late to that dinner.


1. “Yaar *fake cough* galla bohat kharab hai.”

Sure, we all know how that next episode of GoT is more important to you than hanging out with friends. Jhoota kahin ka.

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2. “Oh sorry, meray contacts delete hogae thay and I don’t answer to unknown numbers.”

Yeah right.

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3. “Gaari kharab hogai hai.”

Probably the most used Pakistani excuse.

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4. “Uff tauba, meri side pe koi traffic jam hai.”

Just pray that no one else is coming from “your side” or you’re busted.

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5. “Maine send toh kia hai, network kharab ho ga.”

When you forgot to reply to that important text and now you’re hoping that bad service saves you. Sorry, not everyone has a Zong.

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6. “Meri ami kitchen lock kar ke chali gayi hain.”

Yep. Have heard this from a friend who didn’t want to entertain us when we were dropping by at their house at an admittedly late hour. But, hey that’s what friends are for.

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7. “Sorry. Mere cousin ki shaadi hai.”

For when you don’t have a better excuse to get out of that office dinner.

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8. “Meri dadi ki behn ki bahu ka damaad faut hogya hai.”

Yeah, your teacher always knows this relative you just killed is a fake when you fail to submit your assignment in time.

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9. “Flat tyre.”

The trusty excuse for when you’re late to school or work.

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10. “Ghar pe rishtay wala aye hain.”

The boyfriends have been at the receiving end of this excuse many times. As an excuse or as a threat, this particular one is a special weapon wielded by all the ‘marriageable’ girls of Pakistan.

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11. “Yaar achanak pupho agayein family ke sath”

When you’re last minute ditching a plan to watch Ho Mann Jahaan with friends you know a pupho excuse is all that’s going to work because, pupho.

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12. “Didn’t get any message.”

Be careful! This will work only if you’re not saying this for a whatsapp message.

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And the most desi excuse…


13. “Family dinner, yaar.”

You all know how Pakistani families work. And what better than to blame it on a vague ‘family’ plan than on one person.

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Remember, these excuses only work if you’re from a Pakistani family.

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