Jonty Rhodes Very Smoothly Behan Zoned Erin Holland During PSL Final And Everyone's Finding It Really Cute

By Noor | 18 Mar, 2019

The PSL final was quite an exciting match. With every passing year, the PSL just keeps getting better and grander than before and the happenings of the last night are the evidence of it. We all saw the dud of a closing ceremony followed by Quetta Gladiators beating Peshawar Zalmi to claim their first trophy. BUT there’s something you might have missed so let me fill in you with the details of it.


While covering the cricket match last night, Jonty Rhodes referred to his fellow presenter Erin Holland as ‘Erin behn’

It was all REALLY cute. After letting Erin finish her sentence, Rhodes proceeded by saying ‘Shukriya, Erina behn’ and then said salam to the audience.

Here’s the short clip:


No one could actually believe that Jonty just behan zoned Erin so smoothly


People are still SO impressed by his Urdu and are saying that this whole gesture was overloaded with cuteness


They were eager to know who Rhodes’ Urdu teacher is


A few even claimed that Ramiz Raja might have made Jonty say Erin behn, LOL


People were REALLY happy that the country has taught goray guests some Urdu


Another ‘potential’ bhai behn duo was predicted as Ramiz was asked to call Zainab as behn


People referred to the gesture as the beauty of PSL


And it was also called the BEST moment of not just the final but the whole series

This all actually won the hearts of many people and indeed this is what we call the beauty of PSL. It wasn’t one of those “savage” or “brutal” behan zoning gestures so hold your horses. Let us know what you think about this brother-sister duo in the comments below.


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