John Abraham Is Defending Pakistan In A World Full Of Kangana Ranauts And Ajay Devgns & We’re Here For It

By Arslan Athar | 7 Mar, 2019

John Abraham is one of Bollywood’s heartthrobs. The man swept people off their feet in literally every performance that involved him taking his shirt off. For a while now, we haven’t heard much from or about the actor, however, now that we finally see him in the news, it is for all the right reasons.

The actor is doing the rounds of promotional activity for his new movie, ‘RAW (Romeo Akbar Walter)’, and due to the current political situation, he’s being asked a lot of questions. 

Source: Viacom Entertainment


When asked to comment on the Pulwama Attack and the incidents that followed it, John said that there needs to be a war against terror, not against one particular country or against one particular religion. His exact words were “There should be a war on terror but it doesn’t mean we should fight against another country and stereotype its people.” This response comes at a time when a lot of Bollywood actors have come out strongly against Pakistan, implying that Pakistan is a terrorist state. He ended his comment by saying this, “I will probably get picked on, but I am not going to sit on the fence and say ‘nahi yaar, yeh audience ko acha lagega, yeh bura lagega.'”

At another promotion related event, the actor addressed Kangana’s claims that actors should not be apolitical.

Source: Viacom Entertainment


Kangana had come after Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt for their silence over the Indo-Pak tensions and had said that actor need not be silent at this moment. John agreed with Kangana’s stance but also said that actors should not comment on political matters only if they are politically aware.

He went on to comment on people commenting for social media fame, or to become ‘trending’.

“So when you know a situation, you can make a statement. But again, making a statement at the right time is important. Not making a statement for effect or to trend. So I am not in the business of trending. I don’t want to trend.”



John’s comments on the matter are one of the few ‘sane’ ones coming out of India currently. Celebrities really need to be careful about how and what they say, especially at times as sensitive as this. These actors have major followings and people hinge on their every word- that’s a lot to power, a power that needs to be used wisely.

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