13 Things Every Pakistani Lies About

13 Things Every Pakistani Lies About

13 Things Every Pakistani Lies About

Are we a nation of liars? Or do we tell our lies because we think they don’t hurt anyone? Sadly, we are too obsessed with how others perceive us and what everyone else thinks if us rather than being happy with who we are so we end up lying our asses off, every chance we get.

Here are some of the most commonly lied about things that Pakistanis never seem to get rid off:


1. Aunties lie about their age

Via: Dramas Online


2. People lie about their heights

Source: Whisper


3. Children lie about their grades



4. Your favorite TV shows

We know how you watch Pyaare Afzal with your mother every night.

Source: Pakistan Media Watch


5. The party you voted for in the last election

Source: Pakistani Talk


6. You lie about your “love” for that girl  because you know she is way out of your league



7. Where you bought that coat everyone was raving about

we know you borrowed it from your sister and didn’t just buy from “Gucci”

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8. You lie if you actually read that book everyone of your friends is obsessing over

We know you’ve only seen the movies because Hermoine does not look like a super model in the books.


9. You lie to your parents if you were out smoking with your friends

they can smell it on you, you know.

Expecting them to say this, is wishful thinking.


10. The number of rotis you ate at lunch

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11. Girls lie to their parents about going to “Ayesha ke ghar” when in reality you’re sneaking off with Ayesha’s brother (behind Ayesha’s back!)


12. About your internet activity

yes, we all know that you’re obsessed with Mia Khalifa


And the biggest lie told by every Pakistani ever:


13. “Bas 5 minute mein pohnch gaye

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