Jeremy McLellan Just Asked About The Pulwama Attack And Pakistanis Did Not Disappoint In ‘Informing' Him

By Biya Haq | 19 Feb, 2019

Annnnnnnnd he’s back.

Jeremy McLellan, our most prized foreign possession, has pretty much always kept his nose in Pakistani current affairs and politics.

Source: Tribune

And most of the time, Pakistanis have loved it.

However, given the recent events involving Indian-Occupied Kashmir, it seems as though Pakistanis are updating him themselves.

Jeremy McLellan just asked about the current animosity between India and Pakistan,

and Pakistanis are lol, ‘updating’ him on everything going on.

In the most Desi sarcastic way possible.


The events that took place at Pulwama have been extremely concerning for both Pakistanis and Indians. Though it was India-occupied Kashmir that was attacked, the violence has hit the hearts of citizens on both sides of the border. Instead of our ties becoming stronger with the new government, this attack may very well instead diminish any kind of progress we have made so far with our neighbour.

Pakistan, unfortunately, has been the source of blame for the deaths that took place in Pulwama since the very beginning and Indians have been creating hashtags and social media movements to further perpetuate this message. Though nothing has been confirmed yet, it is clear to see what our friends in India are thinking about us.

Yet, Pakistanis, being Pakistanis, are somehow finding the humour in the fact that all of India is blaming all of us for something that may not even be our fault.

So, Jeremey asked about what was going on and well, as we said, Pakistanis did not disappoint.

Many, are just waiting for the ‘war’ to start.

And other heavy tactics.


Again, everything that has happened between Pakistan and India this past week is no laughing matter. Finding humour is just one of the ways our country is coping.

However, shouldn’t we all be working towards fighting the common enemy as opposed to fighting each other? The fact of the matter is that citizens have been killed. No matter what side of Kashmir they’re on, these were human lives through which we are all at fault for. Let’s just hope the people with the ability to change the way the next couple of weeks are listening and are able to do something about it.

Have you heard about the events at Pulwama? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Cover photo source: Tribune/@President0ffice Via Twitter

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