Apparently Jemima Khan Is Visiting Pakistan For The First Time In 15 Years And Everyone’s Celebrating

By Iman Zia | 20 Dec, 2017

Jemima Khan will always have a special place in Pakistanis, transcending political beliefs and even generations. Our forever bhaabi was an integral part of Pakistan for a very long time, during her marriage with cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan, however, after their unfortunate separation Jemima left the country and remained there in spirit as she actively supported ex-husband in all his ventures. Her expression of love for Pakistan holds no bounds and has always stood up for the nation.

According to news channel Dunya, Jemima will be returning to Pakistan in 2018



During a political speech, politician Sheikh Rasheed mentioned how Jemima has accepted an invitation to Pakistan by singer Salman Ahmad. This will mark Jemima returning to the country after fifteen years.


Singer Salman Khan confirmed the thrilling news himself, tweeting his delight


Other news sources, like Express Tribune, also released confirmation that Salman Ahmed extended an invitation to Jemima, and she accepted



Source: PVR Pictures

Pakistanis have embraced the news with tremendous excitement, welcoming back bhaabi



With some welcoming her back home


And many still shipping Jemima and Imran Khan together after all these years




Some began to wonder who would pick her up upon her arrival


She has remained the nation’s bhaabi for a very long time


…It’s as if she never left


What do you think of Jemima’s return? Are you excited?


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