Jemima And Reham Khan Actually Agree About Something And We Never Thought This Day Would Come

By Sannia Bilal | 8 Sep, 2018

Jemima and Reham Khan speak out about Atif Mian’s resignation.


Most of Pakistan is aware of the meltdown social media is currently going through after Atif Mian, a member of the Economic Council (Belonging to Ahmadi sect) in ‘Naya Pakistan’ was officially asked to step down because of his religious preference.

It came as a shock to the general public as people were looking forward to the change they were promised and quite recently, Fawad Chaudhry (Minister of Information) had defended minorities and said that the new government will not be following the rules of extremists.


Subsequently, our fantasy first lady, Jemima Goldsmith had something to say regarding the unfortunate turn of events

She said this inane move by the government was both disappointing and indefensible. She reminded them that Quaid-I-Azam himself had appointed an Ahmadi as a Foreign Minister.


People had mixed reactions over her tweet

Some clarified that it was because Ahmedis were not considered Non-Muslims at  that time.



Others questioned her why she was worried about internal matters of Pakistan when she had nothing to do with the country



And some just indicated their resentment towards the verdict



Khair, something that took caught our eye was that Reham Khan, the first lady many are thankful we don’t have, finally seemed to be on the same page as Jemima Goldsmith

In her tweet, Reham highlighted how a ‘real leader’ should protect the vulnerable communities.


And then she continued to throw shade on Prime Minister Imran Khan for his decisions


Shortly afterwards, her tweets as usual ended up triggering people

Some questioned her about her contribution to the Dam Fund.



Other people also noticed the similarity in sentiments between hers and Jemima’s tweet


And some mentioned that people wont always be satisfied with the decisions their leader has to take


With all that being said, it is important to acknowledge that the government was pressurized by extremist groups and whether we like it or not, these actions are not representative of the “Naya Pakistan” that we all thought we’d be getting. As long as our leaders keep succumbing to religious groups, such decisions will keep on happening.

Pakistan needs change. And change is inevitable if only the officials stand by their rules. We need well educated individuals like Atif Mian to be a part of the government, regardless of their faith or sect.

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