Shahid Afridi Just Tried To Clarify What He Was Putting In His Mouth On Live TV But People Don't Believe Him

By Ramsha Bhatti | 8 Sep, 2018

Remember the infamous yet hilarious visuals of Shahid Afridi stuffing something in his mouth while at the live transmission of the Defence Day event? In case you are unaware of what went down, Shahid Afridi was presumed to be stuffing naswar at the GHQ event.

I mean okay, nobody knew exactly what it was. But everyone took a wild guess and the internet had a winning answer: NASWAR

Yes, pretty much everyone watching the transmission saw it!

So, in short, Pakistan had a new meme and troll content at hand 

In a span of just two days bohat quality meme content banaya Pakistanio ne

Points for recreating the scene: 110/100. This man wins.

Hadd hai wese. 

The hashtag was trending on Twitter ever since and we believe Boom Boom Afridi got the memo ASAP

LOLOL. Top Trend! The tag is still trending on Twitter. I mean, we as a nation do have our priorities messed up to the max.


So this morning Lala explained that we had misinterpreted the situation and that it was not naswar!

Slightly NSFW video but it’s funny as hell!

Seems to me that Lala was waiting for someone to ask that question. Itni speed se packet nikala, I mean woah!

As per Shahid Afridi, he was chewing laung and sonf during the event.

Just to prove his innocence, he even shoved some of it into the reporter’s mouth!

source: @azizhamwatnon1 / Facebook

Not even remotely judging him. I would have probably done the same to prove my innocence.


He’s like: EAT.IT!

source: @azizhamwatnon1 / Facebook


Lala: Tell. Them. What. It. Is

source: @azizhamwatnon1 / Facebook

Okay, I’ll stop zooming in on the photo now.


Unfortunately, Lala’s clarification is not sufficient to convince Pakistanis.

Via: Giphy

Ulta aur memes bana rahe hain ye log

Is this dude saying Naswar is safer than sonf?


Lala: It’s sonf. Dhun dhun dhun


Btw, in case you wanted to know what he was “allegedly” having, here you go.

You’re welcome. Also, does anyone know Tara milti kahan se hai?

So what do you think? Was it really tara or something else? Let us know what you think of Lala’s clarification.



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