Jasmeen Manzoor Got Told Off For Her Views On Discussing Child Abuse In Pakistan

By Haadia Paracha | 19 Jun, 2016

Jasmeen Manzoor is a news anchor and journalist for News One. She has been vocal, even controversial, with her style, in the past.


She recently came under fire for her opinion on discussions pertaining to child abuse

Specifically, she was uncomfortable with the portrayal of child abuse related content in one Pakistani TV series, Udaari.

Source: Jasmeen Manzoor Via: Twitter

She hosts a show where political figures are invited and almost pitted against each other in the news ratings hungry media landscape prevalent in Pakistan.


She tweeted about Udaari, a one of its kind drama that is trying to shed light on many social evils, one of them being child abuse. 


The drama recently also came under a lot of heat and PEMRA considered banning it. The colluded notion that talking about child abuse equals portrayal of negative image of Pakistan/ perpetuating rape culture/ disgusting is very commonplace and absolutely baseless.


And, she was definitely not forgiven.

Source: @smacula Via: Twitter


Source: @LaungDaLashkara Via: Twitter


Some joined in to educate Jasmeen and stressed upon the need to call a spade a spade.


This lady was quick to point out how moral police swoops in whenever reality is shown blatantly without giving a thought to the actual evil of child abuse prevalent in our society.


Then there were others who think the lone fact that a taboo topic of child abuse was raised on national television was somehow “dramatizing” the situation.

For the most part, wherever you champion a cause you feel strongly about, you will always be met by people who disagree with your crusade. A more important question to ask, however: Do we need another Kasur scandal before we understand just how widespread child abuse really is?

Must we sever the limb before the disease infects the whole body?

Via: Tumblr

Point to ponder upon.

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