It’s Galentine’s Day Today And Here’s How You Can Celebrate It Before The Day Ends

It’s Galentine’s Day Today And Here’s How You Can Celebrate It Before The Day Ends

First of all, what is that you say? What is Galentine’s Day?

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This is probably the greatest gift (among many others) that Parks and Recreation has given us. Galentine’s Day is a celebration of female friendship and all the love you have for them.

Officially the day is Feb 13th and you get your gal pals together and share meaningful tokens of how much you mean to each other. Out of ideas for what to do? We got you covered. Here’s how to spend the “galentine’s day”:


1. Make a heart wall and take cute photos together


You only need some stationary supplies, an empty wall and cell phones

2. Go to a makeup store and try all the red lipsticks



3. Deck out and go for pani puri or chaat (it’s only fair)



4. Do a photoshoot together and have new display pics for life



5. Order in pizza and watch Magic Mike or do a Shahrukh Khan movie marathon


6. Act out parodies of roms coms if they had been desi

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Permanent dude expression, tbh.


7. Make compliment jars for each other.

Use when feeling down and need some love to cheer you up.

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8. Read from 50 Shades of Grey and laugh until you cry



9. Play a round of Kiss, Marry and Kill.

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Kiss Jackson Heights Adeel Hussain, Marry Daam Adeel Hussain, Kill Dobara Phir Se Adeel Hussain (cuz he was a fuckboi).


10. Spa day in with your mains or try Zubeida aapa ke totkay

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11. If all else fails, just sit round in a circle and talk about how much you mean to each other, warts and all.

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Got any other ideas about how to celebrate Galentine’s day? Let us know in the comments below.


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