Ayesha Sana Has Opened a Beauty Salon Offering the Brightest Treatments of Them All

Ayesha Sana Has Opened a Beauty Salon Offering the Brightest Treatments of Them All

Ayesha Sana Has Opened a Beauty Salon Offering the Brightest Treatments of Them All
Editor ki darkhwast: This article is a piece of satire and should be taken as such.



Ayesha Sana, looking bright as ever, recently inaugurated her very own beauty salon “Bright and Aur Bright” during the sunny hours of Lahore. According to reports the inauguration was delayed by 2 weeks due to Lahore’s foggy skyline as Ayesha Sana wanted a bright and sunny skyline for the event.


The beauticians are mainly deaf, so the clients are allowed to shout as much as they want

” All my life I have been surrounded by darkness, as an 18 year old I was made to sleep alone in my room with only one spotlight on – growing up was indeed a struggle and one dimly lit night I decided that one day I was going to make mine and everyone’s life bright and this venture is a culmination of that dream of a young girl.”

– Ayesha Sana


Above: Ayesha Sana during the opening ceremony of “Bright And Aur Bright”


After cutting the white ribbon Ms. Sana took to the brightly lit stage for some questions from the media

Ayesha Sana wasn’t left off the hook that easy, she was asked some tough questions by reporters mainly about being criticized by the mainstream media for her incident with the make up artists. But Ms. Sana, whose facial expression wasn’t clear due to so much brightness on the podium, took the question head on.

“Look if people have a problem with my stand against darkness and for a brighter Pakistan, then the jokes on them. And this is normal, before Islam there was only darkness and Islam was the light. People were initially skeptical then too, but were they not wronged?”


Upon being asked about the misspelling in her beauty salon’s name, Ms. Sana replied with a furious, “bright karein isko, nazar nahi araha mujhe. Aur bright karein!”

“Bright and Aur Bright” is indeed like no other beauty salon. There are no dark spots in the whole salon and the lights are kept on 24/7 even when the staff is missing. Everything is in the salon is themed with brightness. The Salon offers three types of bright facials:


Seen The Light bright

Source: orig08


Light Bulb Bright

Source: 4thstrand


Wallpaper White

source: images


A plain white wall known as the Madeleine Albright Wall is also placed at the salon for people who are starved for some attention and just feel like shouting at someone. The Albright Wall has images of innocent, hard working people from various professions including make-up artists, waiters and lights personnel etc.


Our not-so-bright reporter also got to learn about some other things which are going to be introduced in the salon

like “Just shut up and curl” – a package where the client is allowed to be extremely abusive to the make up artist and the make-up artist will try a dozen curling techniques on the hair till the client is absolutely satisfied.

And since the staff are deaf it won’t have any sort of ethical issue to it as well like humiliation of the staff, explained Sana.

According to Ayesha Sana, “Pakistan is evolving rapidly and so is the entrepreneurial sector with things like Nutella naan and pizza for the food lovers and online ticketing for the movie lovers being introduced but there hasn’t been much out there for people who are inherently impolite and pretentious – and they are a major segment of our society. My salon will brighten the lives of all those people”.

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