This Islamic Preacher Just Said That Shaving Your Beard Is Like Cutting Off Your Limbs And People Are Shocked

By Aam Nawab | 24 Nov, 2017

The number of ridiculous fatwas issued by self-appointed flag bearers of faith is increasing day by day. It’s gotten to the point that one just says enough is enough.¬† These outright bizarre¬†fatwas give a really bad reputation to the religion and enable Islamophobes to spread further misconceptions about Islam. With their superficial understanding of faith, the outlandish claims made by these preachers can be dangerous. As in it can create unrest in society for no apparent reason.


Earlier, a preacher endorsed incest by proclaiming that fathers can actually marry their daughters if the daughters were born from illicit relations

Guess the guy has been binging on Game of Thrones episodes. He is a prominent Egyptian Salafist cleric, Mazen Al-Sersawi¬† and backed up his claim by referencing renowned Islamic scholar Imam Al-Shaf’i.


There was also the time when a Moroccan Imam claimed that it is ok for men with ‘ugly’ wives to get high before having sex


“This is the ideal men who are unfortunately married with ugly-looking wives so that they can see them, under the effects of the drugs, as beautiful women, like Houris or lovely nymphs‚ÄĚ,¬†these were his exact words.


Now a preacher is claiming that cutting off your beard is actually equivalent to amputating your limb


The claim was made by popular UK based Dawah Man, Imran Ibn Mansur.

He had previously released a video wherein he cried about women in the UK dressing inappropriately and partaking in haram activities.


Naturally, people were taken aback by the preacher’s comments

What do you guys think of the Imam’s fatwa? Please let us know in the ocmment section below.


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