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This Islamabadi Girl Shaved Her Head And WOW, She’s Officially Hair Goals

This Islamabadi Girl Shaved Her Head And WOW, She’s Officially Hair Goals

If there’s one thing that Pakistanis consider a “gehna” for their women, it’s their hair. Often considered their “crowning glory,” long tresses are a point of attraction in many Pakistani women. However, all that’s changing, slowly but surely. And it’s all thanks to certain women breaking the norm of socially accepted “hair goals.”

Meet Areej Zaka, a university student from Islamabad.

Source: Areej Zaka

Last month, Areej did something incredible. She gave herself a buzz cut!

Source: Areej Zaka

Undoubtedly, this is an incredibly brave move on Areej’s part. Ever since Areej has shaved off her long locks, she says her life has changed for the better.

She first announced the move on Twitter

Moreover, Areej listed all the benefits that come with having a buzz cut.

It’s a total time saver!

And not to mention super pocket-friendly.

On being asked about her parent’s reaction, Areej revealed it was her mother who gave her the idea for a buzz cut and her father who did the honor of shaving her head!

While Areej and her family are super stoked about her new hairdo, a lot of the reactions she’s gotten aren’t the…best.

But she takes it all in her stride because she knows she looks GREAT!

And feels hella empowered in her buzz cut!

And honestly, we can’t disagree. What a beauty.

Source: Areej Zaka


Source: Areej Zaka


Source: Areej Zaka


She’s truly short hair, don’t care goals! What do you guys think about her beautiful new look? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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Cover image via Areej Zaka / Twitter

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