Irrfan Khan Just Revealed What Serious Illness He Is Suffering From And It's Heartbreaking

By Sarah Babar | 16 Mar, 2018

Irrfan Khan is an actor that has changed the entire acting game in Bollywood just by existing and acting. While actors used to be loud, overly expressive and all over the place (sorry guys we love Bollywood too), what Irrfan did was he let his eyes do the expressing for him. One look from him and you know trouble’s coming. The mellowness that he brings to the screen along with his solid screen presence, has been both a refreshing and scary change in Hindi cinema. He has also proved that he doesn’t look for the big money makers, when it comes to his choice in films, but the kind of script that is being offered to him.



He gave our very own Saba Qamar her big break in Saba Qamar with the absolute blockbuster “Hindi Medium”




He has been giving us one stellar performance after the other, over the years proving himself to be an actor whose talent and skill is unmatched




Recently, he put up a tweet where he said that he is

Source: @irrfank / Twitter

It’s almost strange that it was Irrfan trying to look for interesting stories and stumbling upon his illness. He also said that he’s a fighter through and through and promised that when the time was right, he would let his fans know what it is, himself.



And as of today, he has revealed what he is suffering from

Source: @irrfank / Twitter

A NeuroEndocrine Tumour is essentially a tumour whose cells arise from the endocrine and nervous systems. While they usually occur in the intestines, they can also be found in various organs of the body including the lungs, the pancreas and the rest of the body. The treatment comprises of surgery and radiation therapy. The treatment also depends on what stage it is found at.



His colleagues, fans and well wishers are sending in prayers from all over the world


























We at MangoBaaz wish him a speedy recovery and hope he comes back stronger than ever!


After Playing Aunty Gormint Irrfan Khan Is Now Cast In The Film Adaptation Of Mohsin Hamid’s ‘Moth Smoke’

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