Iqra Aziz's Sister Just Congratulated Her And Yasir On Their Engagement And It’s Adorable

By Noomyalay Khan | 30 Jul, 2019

Iqra Aziz’s sister, Sidra, congratulated her and Yasir on their engagement.

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain have been the talk of the town for quite some time now. They’re the “It Couple”, with everyone closely following the love story of this happy-go-lucky couple. With both being sizeable names in the industry, it’s pretty hard not to miss the goings-on of this couple. And now it seems like they are officially kickstarting this journey!


Their “engagement” at the LSAs went viral, and in the aftermath, Iqra posted closeups of the beautiful ring and a message filled with love and appreciation for her fiancé.

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THAT. RING. HUNNI 💍👑💕 #iqraaziz #yasirhussain

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Let’s also keep in mind that earlier this year Yasir Hussain confirmed on his Instagram Stories in a Q & A to a fans question that he won’t be getting married in 2022 (next year) but this year (2019) itself.

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And now it seems like the couple has started slowly prepping for their official events, with Iqra’s sister posting a stunning picture of the couple and a beautiful message for the couple which had us in tears and had our hearts melting in little pools of love.

Iqra Aziz’s sister, Sidra Aziz, has been a focal part of Iqra’s life, always being there for her sister publicly and of course, priavtely too. She posted a photo and a message for the couple today that started with her mentioning that now that her exams have ended and all the dust has settled, she can talk about how happy she is for Iqra and Yasir.

She goes on to say how Iqra has always been to her like her own child and someone for whom she will move worlds. She apologizes for not being there for her for four years (Sidra is abroad for her education) on her birthdays or now, her engagement. But she is super happy, excited and overwhelmed for her sister on this new phase of her life.

She praises Iqra for being an amazing sister daughter and now a fiancé too. She says there is only one other person that she has met who is pure and genuine as Iqra and that is their mom.

Sidra mentions that she has read the things online posted and said in the aftermath of the proposal, from religious and moral debates to ethical arguments and how it has impacted them. But despite all of it, they moved ahead as a family, ignoring all the unnecessary discussions on social media.

She goes on to praise Yasir Hussain, and mentions how happy she is about how well Yasir and Iqra take care of each other.

Sidra blesses the couple with best wishes, wishing them a life filled with the best of adventures, an exciting life and loving memories for the phase lying ahead for both of them


She warns them both that there are a lot of fights and battles ahead. But very wisely, she tells them that we choose our battles and not the small fights. And we choose our battles wisely and fight for them. Wise words, Sidra!

She ends her message by saying she wishes they both help each other grow more and better. And a very apt line: “Baki kuch tou loug kahingey, logon ka kaam hai kehna”.

Here’s the complete post:

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Now that the dust has settled and I am done with exams, let me put this out there as to how happy I am for you. You have always been my bacha, my sister and the one I will move worlds for if possible. I know I am not there with you since 4 years, be it your birthdays or this day. But I want you to know how excited, happy and overwhelmed I am for this phase of your life. You are an amazing daughter, sister and I am sure great fiancé too. I have met only one more pure-hearted woman than you, that is our mom. I read too many a things online about the proposal, about all the religious debate, moral debate and somewhere ethical too. I know how all of that has taken us aback and how we moved ahead despite of all the unnecessary discussions. Yasir, you are an amazing person and I am happy that you both take care of each other this well. I hope God blesses you both with the best adventures, exciting life and loving memories for this phase that is ahead of you both. My suggestion to you both is, there are fights and then there are battles. We choose our battles and not the meagre fights and we choose our battles wisely and fight for them. May you both help each other grow more and better. Baki, kuch tau log kahenge, Logun ka kaam hai kehna. Love and blessings to you both, and as Mom says, hamarey ghar ki tau pehli khushi hai.

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We wish the family the very best for the future!


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