Iqra Aziz Just Defended And Expressed Her Love For Yasir Hussain Amidst All The Criticism

By Sajeer Shaikh | 10 Jul, 2019

Iqra Aziz just took to Instagram and defended Yasir Hussain for his rather public proposal amidst the criticism.

What’s been pretty hard to miss recently is all the conversation around Iqra Aziz, Yasir Hussain and their public proposal which garnered heavy criticism. Some people objected to how it isn’t a part of our culture, while others found the moment to be quite endearing.

Iqra made her feelings quite clear after the proposal.

However, people from the fraternity, alongside the generalย awaam,ย had a lot to say about the same. I think we all forgot that this was supposed to be a special moment for Iqra, since it was allegedly a surprise.

People have weighed in with their two cents. This list includes celebrities like Hamza Ali Abbasi…

…and Asim Azhar.

However, now, Iqra has spoken up again in an Instagram post and has made her feelings quite clear. She begins by stating, “Meri yeh khushi itni bari hai k mujhe sirf achi baatein aur duaein sunayi derahi hain.”

“Love is to express, not to impress,” she continues.ย 

“My man expressed his love in front of the world which takes a lot of guts and I am blissful you’re my ZING.”

“Thank youย for being so expressive, generous, caring, loving, chivalrous, realistic and noble. I love you,” Iqra states.

She capped off her post with the following message:

“To whom it may concern: Agr larki proposal k waqt roti nahi balky ek khushi k lamhe ko hans kar enjoy karti hai tou yeh nahi kehte k planned tha. Rung main bhung na daalein aur apni khushi ka intezaar karein. SHUKRIYA”

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Here’s the entire post, complete with her ring.

I mean, at this point, there’s been so much conversation around this that we need to collectively back off and give the two their space.ย Hogaya ab.ย Let’s let them breathe. Congrats again, guys. Have a great life together.

Wish them well in the comments below.


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