People Are Trolling The Indian Team After Its Loss Against New Zealand And The Memes Are Fantastic ☕

By Noor | 10 Jul, 2019

The trolling has begun for the Indian team after its loss against New Zealand and the memes are fire.

In the first semi-final of the 2019 World Cup, New Zealand crumbled the entire batting order of the Indian cricket team and bagged a victory. Against all odds, the Kiwis outplayed themselves and outmuscled India.


Consequently, Indians are devastated by this. 

From being the favorites of the tournament to being kicked out of the series, the journey has been very shocking for the Indian cricket team. Hearts are especially breaking for Dhoni.

However, in all of this, some people can’t help but troll India after they allegedly purposely threw the match against England so that Pakistan couldn’t qualify. In fact, social media folks are explaining how Indians are reaping what they had sown earlier, claiming that India did not even try to chase the target and in this match, India did not get the chance to chase the target.

People are drawing comparisons between both the matches and are saying that karma has struck the team badly

Pakistanis ended up doing what they are best at – memeing the entire situation

The memes are brilliant.

People even joked and mentioned kay itni jaldi tau Pakistani team bhi out nahe hoti

The iconic dialogue, ‘Kohli, nahe hota tujhsay chase‘ was revived

They thanked New Zealand’s PM and Williamson for the victory

Major Williamson memes were made

Jokes about Abhinandan didn’t seem to get old

People made fun of the Indian cricket team and said kay unka qaumi khel tau IPL hai

A few claimed that they can find a better ‘match’ on Tinder

So, did you watch the match? And do you have more memes to share? Let us know in the comments below.


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