Iqra Aziz Has Been Sent A Legal Notice Over Breach Of Contract, And She's In Hot Waters

By Arslan Athar | 7 May, 2018

Iqra Aziz has been climbing the film industry ladder, however, the talent agency, Citrus Talent, has sent a legal notice her way and it seems like stuff is about to get ugly.

The CEO of Citrus posted a long, heartfelt message on his Facebook page regarding the legal notice and how Iqra violated their contract. 

Fahad alleges that Iqra signed on working with another PR agency, Mint PR, while still being under their contract. He also blames Maida Azmat from Mint for apparently ‘poaching’ the actress from Citrus.

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In an agreement dated on 14th June 2017, Iqra Aziz signed on Citrus to exclusively represent her in all her public engagements. Despite this, Maida approached Iqra for Nestle Milkpak and signed her on for a TV commercial. Before sending the legal notice, Fahad communicated to Maida that Citrus and Iqra were in an exclusive contract and that her company cannot take her on for a commercial with them. Despite this, the ad was shot, and thereby Ms Aziz’s contract with Citrus was breached.

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Fahad details, in his VERY long post, the very nature of the agreement that Iqra and Citrus Talent had. According to him, the agreement basically covered their exclusivity and gave Citrus the responsibility to groom her as well as help her build connections in the entertainment industry.

Fahad follows this up with how hurt he felt after the entire incident. He talks about how he personally helped her along in her journey and how this move was sort of like a stab in the back. He ends on a sad note and leaves people to decide who’s in the wrong.

Many people have left comments under his post:

People starting talking about stars and attitude problems 

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There were some people who talked about the scarcity of respect and appreciation 

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Shair o shairi shuru hogayi 

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Some took the opportunity to prove their loyalties 

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Then there were people who took a more karma-esque approach 

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Even Nadia Hussain joined the conversation

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What do you guys think of all this? Let us know in the comments

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