Iqra Aziz And Imran Ashraf Shine In “Tabeer's” Incredibly Touching First Episode

By Iman Zia | 22 Feb, 2018

There’s been a proliferating curse in the drama scene recently, with pilot episodes raising the bar for prophesying what’s to come, only to suddenly crumble in content and storyline. ‘Tabeer’ marks Imran Ashraf’s debut as a screenwriter and while it’s almost too early to tell if the drama will soar, the pilot sets up the potential very nicely. ‘Tabeer’ revolves around two couples, both pregnant and both hopelessly in love. Fawad (Shahzad Sheikh) and Zarnish (Seemi Pasha) are from a richer background, and Yasir (Imran Ashraf) and Tabeer (Iqra Aziz) hail from a lower middle class.


*warning: spoilers*


Each protagonist is introduced very well in scenarios crafted from slices of their personalities

We find Yasir adoringly releasing a few caged pigeons, while innocent wife Tabeer is at home talking to his ironed shalwar kameez hung on the door (she misses him when he’s not with her). Fawad illusively rides into his bedroom in a wheelchair for wife Zarnish.

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The episode doesn’t drag at all and will keep you thoroughly engaged throughout

This was quite a pleasant surprise; I didn’t find myself losing focus at all. The opening episode kickstarted with a cockerel fight (a horrendous sport might I add) and ended on an incredibly somber note. There’s one thing common with all four protagonists; they all wear their hearts on their sleeves and are hopeless romantics. They’re sweet, kind and all incredibly loveable as characters. Yasir works for Fawad, yet they’ve got a heartfelt relationship. Fawad looks out for Yasir and gives him an errand to run only after he goes back to his village for a holiday – they are both very humble, and despite only one interaction between boss and employee in the episode, we see the reciprocating respect both have for one another.

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The ending of episode one is terrible – Yasir is told his wife has stage three cancer (and she’s heavily pregnant)

What was meant to be an incredibly romantic evening is cut short by a devastating phone call. The entire pilot showcases Fawad and Zarine’s closeness, and Fawad’s love for her is pungent, and while in a few moments it seemed a little artificial and overtly done, their relationship at most was cherishing.

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Imran Ashraf is a splendid actor, and as Yasir he exudes such warmth – his smile is infectious and it’s so delightful seeing the actor as a leading man

Imran Ashraf also debuts as a screenwriter for ‘Tabeer’ too, so it’s only adding to the feathers in his cap. The first episode was heavy in emotion, and an impressive watch. I found myself aching after Imran, Iqra and Shahzad’s acting – they’re such a wonderful bunch of actors and have such starry talent.

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Here’s hoping for an even better second episode!


Have you seen ‘Tabeer’s’ first episode? Have a watch and let us know!


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