I Went To The Lux Style Awards Last Night And Here's Everything That Happened

By Sarah Babar | 21 Feb, 2018

The Lux Style Awards took place, last night, and well, it was as crazy as expected. There were so many celebrities all around, you’d get scared of tripping over some. While we were busy getting blinded by the brightness of the stars, they were showing us bucket loads of love, too


So whether it was Best Actress Award recipient Mahira Khan


The uber gorgeous Aima Baig serenading us on the red carpet


Or the evergreen, always amazing Meera Jee, there was love everywhere


Saheefa Jabbar Khattak was making a statement as usual


And the Viccaji sisters, Rachel and Zoe, actually sang together for the first time for us and made our hearts skip a million beats

We’re actually dead…speaking from the grave, rn


The newlyweds and super in love, Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Siddiqui were also there


As was the once-angsty-now-hilarious Ahmed Ali Butt


Ali Xeeshan and his statement hats made their way onto the red carpet and we got a chance to actually speak to him about what was going on in and on his head


Mawra Hocane showered us with love


Mohsin Abbas Haider made our hearts uddi ja with his proclamation of love for us


Mathira dazzled us with his presence


And Gohar Rasheed was his usual chiller self


As opposed to the adorable Ahad Raza Mir who was nervous about his nomination and award for the Best Actor – Television


The director for the much awaited, upcoming drama “Aangan”, Ehtishamiddun sahab also gave us an insight into what the front on the show was

Love you, Abbi!

The show itself kicked off with Ahmed Ali Butt singing a hilarious song about the entertainment industry, itself


Some of the funniest bits were when they set up an actual adalat for celebrities to walk into and answer some of the shikayatein that people had with them, including Hamza Ali Abbasi and the Best Actor Award recipient Humayun Saeed

Hamza was asked about Imran Khan’s third shaadi, and politics and his remarks on item numbers were also called into question lololol


The absolutely gorgeous Mahira Khan who had to answer some pretty big questions about working with people outside the country

So whether it was bringing up THAT photo, indirectly, or Mahira working with Shah Rukh Khan, it was all brought up


Mawra Hocane was fiesty and flawless in all her replies, making us fall BADLY for her

She clapped back at everything that Vasay and Ahmed threw her way like a champ!


Sahir Ali Bagga and Ali Azmat got together to put up a GRAND ensemble unlike we’ve ever seen before


Mahira Khan and Ahsan Khan made us all swoon with their dancing


Osman Khalid Butt delivered a POWERFUL AF speech when the entire “Baaghi” team was up on stage to get their award for Best TV Play


As did Mahira Khan when she was receiving her award for Best Actress for her performance in “Verna”


Humayun Saeed broke down on stage, receiving his Best Actor award for “Punjab Nahi Jaungi”, while delivering his speech


The night ended with a spectacular performance by close to 50 celebrities which spoke out against all forms of abuse

Mussarat Misbah’s girls from the Smile Again Foundation were also present. As was the great Mukhtaran Mai. Along with Farid Ayaz, the boys from Kashmir, Jasim & The Pindi Boys, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Humaira Channa, Aima Baig, Waqar Ehsin, Shammal, were also present, to name a few


All in all, the night was exhaustingly entertaining and we can’t wait for next year! Let us know your favorite moments from the Lux Style Awards, last night. Okay byeeee ~



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