Iqra Aziz And Bilal Abbas Khan's Beautiful Relationship In “Qurban” Will Give You Feels

By Iman Zia | 21 Nov, 2017

*Warning – spoilers*

“Teri beti ko koi aur pasand agaya hai?”

– “Agar aisa hota bhi, toh yeh haq usske mazhab ne diya hai, jo aap aur mein nahi cheen sakte” 

‘Qurban’ had an unexpected opening; unexpected in all the right ways. The drama, starring Bilal Abbas Khan, Iqra Aziz, and Shehzad Sheikh tells the tale about Heer and Jamal, two souls from different backgrounds who happen to collide and fall deeply in love. At a first glance, the premise is very ordinary, and nothing new – however director Ahmed Bhatti beautifully constructs something quite wonderful on screen with both his protagonists and after watching both episodes, all we’re pining for is far more. ‘Qurban’ has already won our hearts with its adoring first two episodes.


Heer is spoilt, a little arrogant and very feisty – but has a heart of gold

Heer hails from a very wealthy family, but an adoring family nonetheless. She’s cold and ruthless towards Jamal, (played by Bilal Abbas Khan) but very quickly falls for him – however, fate has quite something else in store for Heer; her family already tied her engagement to the son of a wealthy family (Shehzad Sheikh).

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Heer quickly finds a friend in fellow student Jamal, a sweet boy who is of a poorer background

Jamal is quiet, reserved and quite the recluse. He sticks to himself in school and dives himself in his education – after all, it’s the only thing that will save him from the grappling city. Heer mocks him in their first encounter, accusing him of stealing her phone (which he didn’t). She feels terrible afterward and while making it up to him, falls for his very soft demeanor, and hardworking nature.

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Heer’s father Shafi is an orphan, whose family was killed in a flood when he was a child – hence his understanding and respect for Jamal

Heer’s father is a King. Really, for someone with so much wealth, to be so down to earth, and remain humble as he was when he was young is very admirable. Shafi has raised Heer to always be kind to everyone, regardless of status, stature or wealth, and it is his kindness that is outstanding; the man oozes a spectacular warmth.

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Their budding friendship is wonderful – Heer is very forward, and her personality couples very nicely with Jamal who is quite the opposite

Jamal tutors Heer and this marks the beginning of their relationship. Heer is evidently very besotten by Jamal but doesn’t seem to realize it yet. Jamal too is starting to slowly reciprocate her sprouting love.

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Bilal Abbas Khan already sparkles as Jamal, the wonderful boy who doesn’t have a mean bone in his body

‘Qurban’ projects Bilal Abbas Khan very well; it’s a far cry from Qasim in ‘O Rungreza,’ and we can already inhale his showcasing of his tremendous talent that is quickly unfurling itself. Jamal works as a part-time waiter to earn enough income to sustain himself and pay for his education. He’s a self-made man – and it is this particular trait of his that is truly commendable.

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Heer and Jamal’s relationship forms on the usual star-crossed romance that precariously rides on class conflict – but the glowing presence of both characters is what draws us in

‘Qurban’ bestows upon us an aching blossoming love that is so common in our society, it’s often brushed aside. Class-difference romances must be accepted, and it is only that they aren’t, which is why our dramas touch upon them and decipher them so crisply.

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Have you seen the first two episodes? What are your thoughts?


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