Iqra Aziz And Her Manager Have Just Hugged It Out After Their Bitter Public Feud

By Iman Zia | 28 May, 2018

Iqra Aziz and friend and former talent manager Fahad Hussain have called it quits on their public feud, where the latter accused the actress of breaching her contract, and ranting on social media against her. Fahad alleged that Iqra signed on working with another PR agency, ‘Mint PR,’ while still being under their contract, blaming the agency for attempting to poach her.


‘Citrus Talent Agency’s’ Fahad Hussain took to Facebook a few weeks ago to publically accuse Iqra of breaching his contract by signing onto another talent agency

The original Facebook post has been deleted, but here’s a snippet of Fahad’s statement.



Source: Bento Box Entertainment


Iqra responded immediately, denying all accusations with a legal statement issued by her lawyer

She also took to Instagram to post a personal message too along with the legal notice rebuttal.

Source: @iqraaziz/Instagram
Source: @iqraaziz/Instagram


Via Tumblr


Now everything’s water under the bridge between the two, who took to social media to post a video coupled with the same statement

Source: @fahadcitrus/Instagram


Source: @iqraaziz/Instagram


The two got together and admitted to “misunderstandings” and “miscommunications” to which they came to a conclusion that it’s all sorted between them

Source: @iqraaziz/Instagram


They said that they were both affected by it and that they simply “hugged it out” after a long discussion

Source: @iqraaziz/Instagram


Here’s the full video


What are your thoughts on the reconciliation?


Iqra Aziz Has Been Sent A Legal Notice Over Breach Of Contract, And She’s In Hot Waters

Iqra Aziz Has Emerged From Hot Waters And Responded To Her Former Manager’s Accusations

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