Iqra Aziz And Yasir Hussain Just Did A Steamy AF Photoshoot And WOW, I Need A Minute

By Aam Nawab | 18 Jul, 2019

The newly engaged duo, Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain did a steamy photoshoot and WOW.

I know, I know – you’ve been reading about these two non-stop for, what, weeks now and you’re probably like, “Acha sahi hai yaar, who cares?” But if you’ve clicked on the link and you’re still around, you care a little bit, and that’s on you, my friend.

Anyhoo, the newly engaged couple that has been the talk of the town due to the Yasir’s extra AF LSA proposal is now back at it again, making headlines, initiating more conversation around their now-established status as a couple.

I’m not rambling, but I AM trying to figure out how best to approach this. See, I know many of you will take the ghairat brigade route and criticize this – and you’re entitled to your (respectfully stated) opinion – but the thing is; it’s not really anyone’s place to criticize, no?

Jab mian biwi raazi toh kya kare paparazzi? (I AM going to go ahead and copyright that because as I type this at 3 AM, I realize that it’s pure genius).

Anyway, back to these two and what you’re all here for. So, I was scrolling on Instagram and I found this gem on Iqra Aziz’s profile.

It was also shared on Yasir Hussain’s Instagram account as well.


Iqra also shared this picture of her comfy and snug between Yasir’s arms.

They’d both tagged the same photographer though. So obviously, my sleep-deprived ass then went to the fashion photographer, Shahbaz Shazi’s profile to find more gems. And boy, oh boy, I found plenty.

Can we just take a minute to talk about this picture?

There’s just so much going on here. Iqra’s slicked-back, slightly wet hair ties her whole sultry look together. Yasir is seen, a bit out of focus, casually smoking in the background, because this is Pakistan and issue tab hee hota hai agar aurat cigarette piye. 

It’s a very aesthetically pleasing shot and I love the steamy vibe, honestly. Not complaining.

Iqra got a solo picture too, and ma’am, might I just say that you are serving MAJOR looks.

Girl, I can’t. If Iqra walked up to me like this and punched me, I’d say thank you. If she asked me for my kidney, for hyperbolic reasons, I’d say yes and rip it out of my body and hand it over.

(For realistic reasons, I’d say no and report her for suspicious behavior, because why would she ask for my kidney anyway, I’m assuming she has her own.)

Also, Iqra’s second solo is sizzle city, too. Can you feel her peering into your eyes with that resolute gaze? I sure can.

At this point, I’m just grateful I came across these pictures. I mean, yeah, writing this is taking time out of my sleep schedule, but who needs sleep when you can praise someone else’s beauty while you’re at home in your torn pajamas making peace with the fact that you’ll never compare?

Btw, Yasir got a solo too, and he’s still smoking. 

Not smoking hot. Just smoking. Cigarette pee raha hai. 

That’s not healthy for you, kids. Don’t smoke.

Also, can you imagine the backlash if this was reversed? People would be heading out with pitchforks trying to end Iqra’s career for even thinking about saying yes to a photoshoot where she was even remotely touching a cigarette. Man, talk about our collective hypocrisy. I’m not saying Yasir deserves to be attacked for this, but we do have a habit of normalizing this with men but demonizing women who do the same. Ajeeb scene hai.

Anyway, moving on, this is the last picture I found. They look like they’re in love, and you know what? I’m happy for them.

Go, #IqSir. Do your thing. Btw, did we all give them a celebrity-duo name? We all good with Iqsir?

Anyway, that’s it for these pictures. You know what, I was thinking of including the general comments, but what’s the point? Wohi, ghairat brigade ka ghussa. Wohi taanay. Let’s just keep the negativity aside for this one. Also, I apologize for my mid-piece rant, but honestly, not really – it’s nearly 4 AM and I have to be up in 3 hours. I think I have the right to digress a tad bit.

Anyhoo, let me know what you think about these pictures.


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Cover image via @shahbazshaziofficial/Instagram

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