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Here Are 13 Signs You’re Actually An Introvert But Not Really Shy

Here Are 13 Signs You’re Actually An Introvert But Not Really Shy

Being an introvert and being shy are two very different things. I used to think I was both, growing up. I never liked solitude, though. I wanted to be around people I felt at home with – people I fit in with. I wasn’t really shy in that sense because I thrived on having good company. But on the few occasions when I’d be stripped of these people, I’d feel a sense of alienation. Meeting new people has always been a struggle because I just don’t know how to act around them – I don’t.

I’ve only just realized I’m an introvert by nature, but I’m not actually shy. Here are 13 signs you’re an introvert too but aren’t in the slightest bit shy.

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1. You can do crazy things with the people you know.

You just need a few good people in your life. That’s all. A few good people you’re entirely comfortable with.


2. You love talking about real things with people you feel like you belong with.

Discussions about life, a lot of laughter, and conversations with people who understand are all that you cherish. You don’t care for engaging in small talk with lots of people you aren’t close to.


3. You aren’t afraid of social gatherings. You just don’t prefer them.

Lots of people in a large room where you aren’t too close to any of them are a waste of time for you. You’re an introvert so you want a large room full of people you really connect to, that’s all. That’s your Friday night.


4. And when you do go out in large groups, you can only do it once in a while.

Once every few weeks is more than enough for you.

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5. You’re quiet when meeting new people.

It’s not that you don’t want to interact with people, you’re just in your shell.


6. You don’t trust people easily.

Trusting others isn’t in your nature. You carefully cherry pick certain individuals you decipher first and foremost before you can trust them.


7. You are very mindful of what’s happening around you.

Your quietness in new situations means you’re very observant. You digest your surroundings before you make a move.

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8. You hesitate before you argue about something.

You choose your words with care and try and digest the argument at hand before you say anything.


9. You open up very rarely.

That comes part and parcel with trusting very few people.


10. You are better at writing than talking about your emotions.

If something’s bothering you, you might not be comfortable in confrontation and won’t be able to truly express yourself the way you want to. Jotting down your thoughts help.

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11. You’ve got really good intuition.

Your introvert nature means you have a strong intuition. You can pick apart good people from bad and you can see what’s coming before others.


12. Loyalty is everything for you.

If you befriend someone, you will stand by them until the end of time. If they hurt you, it makes little difference. You’ll crawl into your shell for a while but then you’ll go back.


13. Introspection levels are always at an all time high.

You’re always thinking about things. You’re examining everything in your life, and you’ll spend most times introspecting.

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So which one are you? Are you an introvert or are you shy? Let us know in the comments below.

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