So, Someone Apparently Just Took These 360-degree Images Inside The Kaaba

So, Someone Apparently Just Took These 360-degree Images Inside The Kaaba

Have you ever wanted to see inside the Kaaba? It is, after all, the holiest place for Muslims around the world. The Kaaba is situated at the center of Islam’s most sacred mosque, the Masjid Al-Haraam, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Every year, thousands of Muslims descend upon the holy site for an annual pilgrimage as part of the fundamental pillars of religious duty.


Historically, Kaaba is a recognized site dating as far back as 3rd-Century BC.

Ptolemy, the Greco-Egyptian astronomer and mathematician, is reported to have mentioned the Kaaba in a map where he named Mecca as Macroba.

Kaaba in 1954 (Source:
Kaaba in 1954 (Source:

While, in the Quran, the Kaaba is named, among other names, as the first House of worship and is said to have been rebuilt (or built, depending on interpretation) by Prophet Ibrahim and his son Prophet Ishamel.


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These 360-degree images from inside the Kaaba were recently uploaded on Facebook and they’ve gone crazy viral

Facebook user Mohamed Naoui uploaded these images of the Kaaba with three different angles. These images, according to Naoui’s description (in Arabic), are simulated reality. They have been so widely shared that, in total, the images have been shared more than 213,000 times.

Take a look for yourself:


This really does make one want to see the real thing, right? Especially because it looks so close to reality.

Cover image via: Mohamed Naoui

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