Indians Watched Pakistani TikTok & Their Reactions Are HILARIOUS

By Noor | 24 Apr, 2021

So, we all know how the craze of TikTok videos has engulfed desis all over the subcontinent, right? The ‘addicting’ TikTok videos are not just limited to the platform of the application itself but they are now being shared on other social media platforms too. You can basically see TikTok clips on YouTube too. Well, recently something of this sort has happened and let us fill in you with the interesting details of it.

A group of Indian social media influencers led by a famous YouTuber, Tanmay Bhat, reviewed the TikToks made by the Pakistani TikTok and it was definitely worth watching

The video starts off with a funny comment by the host who explains that they all are curious to know if TikTok has equally created a mess in Pakistan too. In Tanmay’s words, ” Aaj hum ja rahay hain apnay parosi mulk yahan pai dekhnay kay liye kay kya wahan bhe utna he gand phela tha jitna humaray ghar phela tha.”

Source: @Tanmay Bhat/YouTube

They reviewed a sample of the couple TikTok videos and were ‘stunned’ by the acting of the female lead in response to the cheesy pickup line used by the guy in the video.

They ironically commented that the Pakistanis have added nazakat into the TikTok.

Source: @Tanmay Bhat/YouTube

The Indian group reacted to Aiman Zaman’s transition TikTok video by saying that it actually required a ‘transition’

Source: @Tanmay Bhat/YouTube

They talked about Dr. Madiha Khan and MJ Ahsan’s TikTok and explained how it had ‘ruined’ the song for them

Source: @Tanmay Bhat/YouTube

Influencers were shocked by the lack of activity in this particular TikTok in comparison to the other desi TikToks

While figuring out the reason behind ‘less’ activity in this TikTok, the host commented, ” I think woh Pakistan main film industry main utni movies banti nahe hain na.”

Source: @Tanmay Bhat/YouTube

They even dragged Pakistani TikTokers for using deodorants for the ‘wrong’ reasons

Source: @Tanmay Bhat/YouTube

While reviewing Umair Chaudhry’s work, the group unanimously agreed that this – uh – unique concept was not perfectly copied

In their own words,”Barabar say copy nahe ho paya,like kuch tau missing hai.”

Source: @Tanmay Bhat/YouTube

They commented on Sherry and Mishal’s TikTok by saying that the music in the video was being ‘abused’

Source: @Tanmay Bhat/YouTube

The group responded to a bunch of videos by Shameel Zahid and ‘enjoyed’ the video which featured the wealth and not the TikTok star himself

Source: @Tanmay Bhat/YouTube

The ‘attitude’ of Indian TikTokers was compared with that of Pakistani guys and the reviewers surely had the time of their lives

Source: @Tanmay Bhat/YouTube

The influencers ended the video by apologizing to the Indian TikTokers for making fun of them in the previous videos because they finally witnessed how bad Pakistanis can be at this. They basically said that they were wrong to assume that the Indian TikTok was producing subpar content and Pakistani TikTokers have made them realize that there’s an equal level of “talented” TikTok content present on both sides of the border.

In case, you want to watch the video then here’s the link.

So, what are your thoughts about the Indian review? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via @Tanmay Bhat/YouTube

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