Coffee Is Actually GREAT For Your Health And Body. Here's How

By Zareen Gull | 24 Apr, 2021

SLRRRP, Aaahhhhh! The sun seems brighter now or perhaps, the coffee made it that way. Mornings can be a little irksome but with the proper amount of caffeine, one can overcome that exasperation in no time. 

However, the use and benefits of the drink aren’t just limited to feeling good and alert, or else it won’t be the 2nd most consumed beverage worldwide after water. Right? So, without further ado, let’s explore the astonishing and heartwarming benefits of this miracle drink on your health and body. 

Coffee burns that stubborn extra fat on your body

Caffeine helps burn more calories than usual by boosting up your metabolic rate by 3-11 percent. Consuming a cup of black coffee prior to a workout boosts fat burning.

Source: Walt Disney Pictures

It protects you from Alzheimer’s

The brain is the power system of your body. This beverage can keep your brain healthy by helping you prevent getting diseases like Alzheimer’s. Drinking a cup of coffee lowers the chances of getting Alzheimer’s by 65%.


Avoid skin cancer with a cup of coffee

Having a cup of coffee a day helps you prevent different types of skin cancers due to the presence of high antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds in it.

Via Healthista

Coffee can prevent heart disease and stroke

Researchers suggest that coffee can help your heart age well. People who drank three to five cups of coffee a day may have a reduced risk for clogged arteries and heart attacks.


Get a happy head 

It boosts your mood and can help you fight against depression, as it releases dopamine which is a chemical that helps you feel happier. 


Coffee makes your liver smile

The liver detoxifies various metabolites, synthesizes proteins, and produces biochemicals necessary for our digestion and growth. If it gets defected, the whole system can go to rack and ruin. Consumption of the beverage can help you avoid this disintegration. 

As per studies, drinking two or more cups can help to lower the risk of liver cancer, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, gallstone disease, and cirrhosis.

Source: @theawkwardyeti/Instagram/Giphy

Get stronger hair with coffee

This treatment gives strength to hair and scalp along with giving your hair a shinier look. All you have to do is to prepare a strong bowl of the beverage, let it cool, and rinse your hair with that after you’ve shampooed your hair. 

P.S: Be aware that it might leave a stain on your hair so if you have dyed your hair otherwise, it might not be the best solution for you.

Source: Cute Juice/BadJakeGif

Coffee helps you gain healthy and clearer skin

If you are looking for a homemade scrub for your face, this is what you should get. Combine 1 cup of coffee with 6 tbsp. of coconut oil and 3 tbsp of ground sugar and your perfect homemade scrub is ready to use.” 

This miracle scrub helps you not only to exfoliate your skin and tighten your skin pores but to get rid of redness and cellulite on your face to prevent looking aged. 


All in all, it’s an undeniable fact that consumption of coffee comes with lots of benefits. So in order to reap all the benefits, stop canceling on that hot “black as night, sweet as sin” cup of coffee today. 


Cover image via @sajalaly/Instagram

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