Indians Responded To THAT Pakistani Abhinandan Ad With A Video And Things Are Definitely Heating Up

By Maliha Khan | 15 Jun, 2019

After THAT viral Pakistani Abhinandan ad, Indians have retaliated and have come up with a “baap” concept of their own.

So the World Cup has been going on and the long-awaited match between Pakistan and India is taking place tomorrow. Any match between the two countries is a big spectacle, but the tension between the two countries earlier this year has added some pressure on the players.

Naturally, this match is going to be the most watched out of the entire World Cup, which easily means companies are going to rake in money from advertisements.

But in true rivalry fashion, Pakistan and India have decided to take advantage of the advertisements to bisti each other and poke fun.

It all started with the Pakistani ad that sent Indians into a frenzied rage.

Indian Model Poonam Pandey even responded in true Poonam Pandey fashion.

Most recently, V Seven Pictures, an Indian Youtube channel, has responded to the original Pakistani advertisement.

The video starts off with an Indian sitting in a Barber Shop watching a cricket match. Then, enters a Pakistani repping his team with a Pakistan jersey. He sits next to the Indian wearing his own country’s jersey. The Pakistani guy hands him over a gift and refers to him as “Abbu”. I mean shots fired?

Source: Youtube/@VSevenPictures

The gift box contains a rumaal and according to the Pakistani guy its for the guy to be able to hide his face when India loses the match.

Source: Youtube/@VSevenPictures

Up until now, the background music was very cute. Then things take a turn and the music all of a sudden becomes dramatic.

The Pakistani adds more fuel to the fire by saying, “Waisay yeh khel bhara zalim hai. Ek hi din mai beta baap ban jata hai.” Cue the *boom*. The barber and Indian exchange some looks, and we all know what that means.

The barber does his thing and when he’s all done the Pakistani guy gets up to leave and notices what’s been done to his face.

…and it’s not pretty.

Source: Youtube/@VSevenPictures

The barber gave him the “Abhinandan” look.

After some complaining and some “meray dost kya kaheinge”, the Indian returns the rumaal so the Pakistani can use it to hide his own face. The advertisement ends with a concluding diss: “Sirf ek din lagta hai baap ko beta ko samjanay mai ke taray naseeb mai World Cup nahi, Abhinandad ka jhuta cup hi rahay ga.”

Ummm… I feel the burn.

Watch the entire video here:

That’s not even all of it. There’s also another part. You can watch Part 1 here:

Looks like this rivalry keeps turning more and more bitter. What did you think of this advertisement? Neeche batayein.


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